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With all the goose hunting I've been doing lately, I'm ready to step up to a good autoloader. :mrgreen: I don't like the feel of the Benelli so that is not an option. I've been shooting 870s since I started hunting, my first gun, so the feel of the 11-87 is a great fit. My current 870SP needs a serious retrofit, as I have worn out some of the guts. Thus the new gun inspiration, wink: as if we ever needed one. I'll still go back and fix up the 870.
I love the prospect and features of Remington's new XCS 11-87 but have been reading some bad press about the 11-87 supermag. Now I am wondering if this gun is just the same gun with corrosion coating? conf: This prompted some research into the Beretta Xtrema2, which appears to be a comparable counterpart to the XCS. Price is close enough that it is not an issue to me.

:?: SO, Does anyone here have any hard data or actuall experiences with the two?

Save any BS hear-say, I want to hear from those who got something real!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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