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I've lived and fished in NYS most of my life and in all those years saw DEC officers less than 6 times checking that fishing and boat regs. were followed. One lake has many shoreline anglers that keep more than the creel allowed by law and the caretakers of the county park don't have the authority to fine these people or kick them off the property. Another glaring example of no enforcement of anti-pollution laws:
A toxic waste dump was found 15 miles upstream from two connected city drinking-water reservoirs - a total of over 400 barrels buried in the ground. The water was finally tested and found too toxic for consumption, shutting down the lakes as a source of drinking water and fishing. Makes me wonder who suffered ill effects over the years. No one was ever charged with the crime and the new owners claimed they knew nothing of the chemical waste buried.

Hope all of you live in states that fund enforcement of environmental and f & g laws. Too few officers and resources for too large a territory to monitor allows violators to act with impunity.
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