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Whats it take to convert a T-8

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I have a 2006 Yamaha T-8 with a tiller handle and I would like to convert it to a remote so I can control it from the helm.
I thought when I bought the motor the tiller was going to be just fine but I am having a change of mine.
Has anyone done this before, what all dose it take besides cash.

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all you need is a steering bar to connect it to the main motor. E-Z steer, Panther make them..

or on the cheap Cabelas has one that has a quick disconnect.... it did get good reviews.. ... hasJS=true

the cabelas one will only work if both your main and kicker are on the same plane on your transome, so if you have your kicker mounted on a kicker extension, like an OMC bracket, it wont work.

Now if you want remote start and throttle, then its gonna be more cash. You will basically need a complete rigging, just like your main (assuming you have electric start)
"Now if you want remote start and throttle, then its gonna be more cash. You will basically need a complete rigging, just like your main (assuming you have electric start"

This is what I was talking about, I was wondering what parts I am going to need besides the cables and controls. What parts am I going to need to change out on the motor it self so I can run it at the helm.

As far as your motor goes, its a pretty popular version so what about trying to sell it for a good price and then buy the one you want that is set up for the remote starting, etc.?

Things that you will need for the job;

1- a second ignition switch or a duel ignition switch
2- a duel binicle, control head, for throttle and shift control
3- a electrical cable set for the above
4- shift and throttle cables

Thats a start, I'm sure there will be more.
Consider the TR-1 auto pilot. You would have to start it yourself but after that you can adjust the throttle or direction from nearly anywhere on the boat. I have used mine for about a year and would feel lost without it. When I had the EZ Steer, it worked fine but there always had to be someone at the wheel. It was tough to get newbies to steer correctly when trolling. Now I can teach the downriggers and set up while watching my direction. When I want to be inside I just go up front and use the remote from there.
I know you alreadyTR-1, so what you are asking is putting remote shirt/throttle on and removing the shift handle. I sold the shift handle off a T9.9 parts motor, and it was VERY easy to take off, including the throttle/shirt connections. I would imagine the T8 is no harder. You would have to buy a control set for the shift and remote start/kill.
I just bought this motor used on the craigslist a few month back and it runs great. WD, I think I an going to sell it a find the remote model. I was up at three rivers marine talking to Dave and it will cost around 3 to 4 hundred bucks to convert just the motor over. I have already bought a 704 duel control that came with cables and will be getting a duel key switch.

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