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Fishing Report West Medical Lake

Discussion in 'Spokane County' started by Donna Moon, Jun 9, 1999.

  1. Donna Moon

    Donna Moon Guest

    Fishing pressure has died down alot from a few weeks ago. That may be in part to the fact that the fishing is not good at all. I live very close to ths lake and fish there on an average of 4 to 5 times per week. I have tried early morning hours late evenings etc.Trolling, still fishing and a variety of different offerings have not enticed these fish one bit. I have talked to numerous others who seem to be having the same luck. Save your self the some place else! I'll keep you updated.
  2. G33137

    G33137 Guest

    Fishing at West Medical was slow on opening day but caught a limit of carryovers trolling black wooley boogers. Fish are concentrating about 12 to 25 ft. depth. Carryovrs were caught by most fisherman. Saw some fish up to > 20 to25 inches caught.
  3. mooney

    mooney Guest

    Fishing has been slow at best around the shores of West Medical Lake. Most folks just aren't doing that good. Fly fisherman seem to be doing o.k. and those that are out in boats are not walking away empty handed. Overall, there has been a great deal of fishing pressure which I think has caused the bite to slow.
  4. David Scaggs

    David Scaggs Guest

    Fishing Just got HOT. Eggs sitting on bottom are banging limit in 1 hour. Trolling west end under trees, producing 1 1/2# to 2# average and a few to 6#. I know there are fish to 10# in here. Wedding ring with a worm following cow bells working great. Maybe 6 feet down. Power bait slow. After it warms up I think the big ones will start hitting.
  5. David Scaggs

    David Scaggs Guest

    Fished this week and what a sight. Hot water and the state dumping raw waste has turned this lake into a toilet. Plugged my intake up with crap and sluge. Floating chunks of mold and a layer of oily crap on top. We got our limit and the cat would not eat it. Someone needs to call the city of Medical lake and get then to speed up the transfer of wastewater from the new plant. SOMEONE IS GOING TO GET HURT ON THAT LAKE. Don't fish it till it gets better. All you would need is to get a cut and who know what would crawl in.
  6. Mike

    Mike Guest

    Went fishing on the last day at West Medical. We had our best fishing in the morning from 9-10 am. Large worms bouncing off the bottom as we drifted down by the pump house. We had 3 rainbow and a german brown going from 2-4 pounds. It sounds as if they will be poisoning the lake to get rid of the gold fish. Does anyone know when they will be doing it? Overall a great day to be fishing in October. Mike, John, Zack and Mike
  7. Andrew Ryder

    Andrew Ryder Guest

    West Medical was rehabbed with Rotenone earlier this year and was then stocked with 10,000 catchable rainbows and some 2,000 german brown and rainbow triploids. I went out one day opening week and my brother and I caught our limit including 5 triploids. These are some monster fish. Fishing has been slow with trollers, but these hatchery fish are actively taking powerbait and worms. I went back to the lake this past weekend and we had our limit in under two hours. All the fish were 12-13' rainbows.
  8. Sensei

    Sensei Guest

    Pretty good day of fishing on West Medical. Caught some big rainbows and saw others bring in 3-4 pounders. Pretty fun...
  9. mntnair

    mntnair Guest

    Did very well on the 28th and 30th. On the 28th my daughter and I caught 7 fish off shore. My 5 year old caught one 24inch 6pound rainbow the biggest trout i have ever seen. the rest were 12-16 inches but very fun fighters. On the 30th we caught 8 fish one 18incher and the rest 12-16. both days we only fished 4 hours so over all they were bitting consistantly.
  10. mike

    mike Guest

    great fishing caught our limit released alot caught some carryover german browns also triploids great fighters
  11. Cassy

    Cassy Guest

    This was our first time fishing and taking our kids fishing and it was an all around fun experience, but we had no luck. The resort shop set up our lines and while we got everything together and we kept breaking them on the bottom, I believe that they put to much weight on, but I have not been fishing for a good five or six years. On sunday though we learned that plain mini marshmallows some worms and a single slip shot weight did the trick but the old man only caught a little 12 incher with that set up. But we learned that it is much easier to cast and slowly reel out there than to just sit there a few and then re cast the lines. So we are going to try our luck again next weekend and see if it is any better is seems that the regulars out there caught what they were looking for. Well good luck. Oh, and they have great boat rental rates at the resort out there.
  12. chopper

    chopper Guest

    me and my son was there the evening of the 25 for about two and half hours never got a bite but the storm fron was coming in so i think that is what was the problem or i wasnt holding my mouth right....
  13. Scott

    Scott Guest

    Went out and caught my limit standing at the boat launch area. Have to really throw your hook straight out from the non dock boat launch! I was using green Powerbait and they were hitting it every time. Problem is the weeds can cause an issue if you pull the line to quickly. You have to let the fish come up to the surface or you'll snag the weeds and lose your tackle.
  14. Greg

    Greg Guest

    went to west med lake, fished off the concrete walk way. Caught two...... went back on the 25,26, 27 not even a bite, talk about a difference on the days.
  15. kelsi

    kelsi Guest

    No fish yet we go and get no bites for hours
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