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We needed to report on our 2007 season by the end of 2007. The website is not very easy to navigate. For such an important bit of data I would like to see a large icon saying Report 2007 harvest. Or something like that.

Using the wild ID number is a very good system, it populates the forms so you don't have to type everything in. In prior years the on line purchase and the "in person" purchase of licenses was denied until you filled out your harvest report card. This year I bought my license and tags through the on line system before I did my report card. An interesting lapse in the design of the system. For 2008 there is no forced reporting of 2007 to get 2008 license and tags.

The first page of the WDFG website is too busy. There should be some basic features, and then maybe an index. Seems like too much crap to look over just to find the basic needs for the sportsman.

I think a they need an Icon to buy license and tags, and an icon to do the harvest report cards. Even if that Harvest report card was a seasonal icon, it should be obvious to have the page open with that icon in plain sight. I looked for hunter reporting and it took me to a page that explained the system but does not take the data. That is just plain silly!

The purchase of tags and licenses is less then smooth as well. There are tabs at the top of the page for Fishing and tabs for Hunting. If you want to buy both, you can click on the hunting and go through the system which will charge you and close out before you can buy your fishing licenses, They are on another tab. At a minimum there should be a pop-up asking if you want to add fishing( or hunting if you did fishing first).

Please don't misunderstand this as whining or being overly critical. It's meant more to alert you to the way it works before you head over to buy your tags and licenses. I was there recently and it just seemed awkward. I suppose anything viewed by so many will meet with some complaints. However there could be a much simpler means of navigation for license and harvest reporting issues in my opinion.

It would be nice to have somebody from WDFW come on line with us and share some thoughts on what people think about the navigation of their site.
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