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I just received the word that there will most likely be no public testimony on the Columbia River Chinook Allocation at the meeting on Feb. 2nd.

Apparently at about 9am, Cindy LeFleur will make a presentation and then the decision will be made without further public comment!


They are counting on the fact that not many people will show up and they can make their decision without facing our watchful eyes.


I spoke with Liz of NSIA tonight and I suggested that all sportsman and sportswomen in attendence wear either a red shirt and/or red hat. She is passing the word on "seeing red" campaign.

We want the commission to know we are watching and are present in massive numbers.

Please don't let the impression that we made in Vancouver go to waste.

I look forward to seeing ALOT of you there.

February 2, 2008, Commission Meeting
Natural Resources Building
1111 Washington St. SE
First Floor, Room 172
Olympia, Washington

Thank you,


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No maybes. There will be no public testimony allowed on the Columbia River policies up for decision. Opportunities for oral and written comment has expired.

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Here's the response I got from The Gov., just got it today:

Thank you for writing Governor Gregoire with your concerns regarding
commercial gillnetting on salmon and steelhead in the Columbia River.

As you know, the issue to which you refer is under independent
jurisdiction of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW), which is
overseen by the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission. Accordingly,
and in view of your strong interest in this issue, I have forwarded
your comments to WDFW and the Commission at the Governor's request urging
them to consider your concerns in their decision-making process. If
you wish to be in direct touch with WDFW or the Commission, please visit to choose the most relevant contact information.

Governor Gregoire certainly appreciates the contribution sports fishing
makes to our state's economy and heritage, and appreciates being
advised of your concerns. Thanks, again, for contacting the Governor about
this important matter.


Gary Fugere
Constituent Services Manager
Christine O. Gregoire

cc: Jerry Gutzwiler, Chair, Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission
Jeffrey Koenings, Director, Washington Department of Fish
and Wildlife

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For those who don’t know:
Cindy LeFleur, WDFW, Columbia River Policy Coordinator, Intergovernmental Resource Management Program
Bill Tweit, Policy Leader â€" Columbia River, Intergovernmental Resource Management Program
Heather Bartlett, Fish Management Division Manager, Fish Program
Curt Melcher, ODFW, Assistant Fish Division Administrator - Columbia River and Marine

Feb 1-2 Meeting Agenda link at:

Hopefully those who wrote the Governor letters also wrote to WDFW & ODFW commissions. Typical replies from those agencies as follows:

Here’s a link to the Senator Brian Hatfield letter(in support of commercial fishers) that I posted on the old website (in case it wasn’t transferred to the new site). Mouse click to zoom in/out of this image.

Here’s a link to the “Green Sheet� from the Jan 11-12, 2008 Joint Commission Meeting. This document was presented to the commission at the meeting by Bill Tweit on behalf of the Columbia River Intergovernmental Resource Management Program along with Cindy LeFleur. This document also contains the current policies C-3615 & C-3616 (C-3615 supersedes C-3613 & C-3614) that expired Dec 31, 2007.

I’d be interested to know if anyone has a link to or copy of meeting minutes from the January 12th Commission Mtg? Interestingly, ODFW has minutes posted from their meetings but I can’t find anything from WDFW.

Here’s an interesting 2008 ODFW document, titled Hypothetical Upriver Spring Chinook Sharing Agreements. It would be nice if WDFW communicated so openly … sharing arrangements.pdfling 300 yards of line. Since the wind was blowing, when I stopped at the store, a good portion of the 300 yards drifted to the front of the store.or one of them on the label of the Gama's that i had and it wasn't printed on there anywhere. Maybe they were different. Hope this helps ya get to the bottom of it. :mrgreen:arch and April if fishing stays open through both months. The sports handle of upper Columbia chinook is expected to be 23,000 to 28,000, depending on the allocation decision of the two state commissions.

Members of the bi-state advisory group said they'd like to see a season that includes fishing daily in March and April between Bonneville Dam and I-5, plus March and a week in April downstream of I-5.

Bonneville pool - The opening of the reservoir behind Bonneville Dam for spring chinook fishing is being discussed for this year.

In the past, the only portions of the Bonneville pool open have been at the mouth of Wind River, Drano Lake (a backwater at the mouth of the Little White Salmon River) and the upper six miles of the pool between Tower Island and The Dalles Dam.

Lance Beckman of White Salmon, an advisory group member, said anglers in the Stevenson-to-Hood River area are clamoring for more fishing space.

LeFleur said opening the Bonneville pool would take a portion of the catch away from downstream of Bonneville Dam in order to not exceed overall harvest limits



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