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This Season on the River has come to an end, so now comes the time to ponder something..... (other than, which end of the pool I should toss my line into first ?....No, One of life's more important question's.)

I have noticed that since I started spending my Morning Breaks from my Job (9:30 till 10:30 AM), out fishing on the Green, the amount of Competition at my Favorite Bank Side Pool has dropped to only a handful of Retired Fisherman and those playing Hooky. At the same time I have seen an increase in the numbers of King's, Silver's, Pink's, Chum's and the Famous "Phantom" Steel we have all heard tell of, being taken at times from these Pristine Waters. Tup: (Quite a change from my Fishing experience after Work and on Weekends only!)
Now do you think that Age and Experience have more to do with it or has the luxury of hitting a Virgin Pool in the middle of the day made all the difference in the increased catch?

Of course those of us that are getting up there would argue that "We, who have been Wetting our Lines for Years" given the chance could beat out those Young Whippersnappers any day (as they have yet to even "Stop Wetting theirs"!)
However, forgive me as I regress and not wanting the possibility of "Adult Diaper's" entering into this conversation.....back to the question at hand,.
Do you think it's the Virgin Pool Syndrome or a Great Underlying Expertise that has attributed to the recent success of these "Midday Fishermen?" :? :oops:

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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