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Steps: 9 clicks to have your Avatar the same on both Forums :?
1. Go to Old Forum.
2. Click Member Profile.
3. Put your curser over your Avatar and Right click it.
4. Left click "Save Picture As",
You will get the “File name:� the #/name you gave the old Avatar and the “Save as type�.
You can change that #/name if desired, but the “Save as type� must be JPEG(*.jpg) or GIF(*gif), Not the Bitmap (*bmp)
Write down that name and file type (ex: WportAug2006A, .jpg)
5. Click Save.
6. Go to New Forum.
7. Click User Control Panel.
8. Click Edit Avatar
9. Click Browse
Your Picture Folder will open up showing all your picture folders and files. The Picture you just saved should be displayed by-it’s-self. When you hi-light it - it should show the exact file name and type you gave it.
10. Click it.
11. Click Submit. :)
It should be done. And you should instantly see it on the New Forum. :Dpickle only fruit and veggies from Wa State.In late May and June I buy my asparagus from either Caribou Ranch or Rasmussens in Grainger Wa.

Remember to help Wa. State Farmers..........God Bless

Code 1238ncy range.
Even at its most efficient power setting, the big 14 consumes 1,660 gallons of heavy fuel oil per hour.your butt has an internal temperature of 160 degrees F.

Pre heat oven to 210 degrees

Wrap your butt in heavy-duty foil, place in glass baking dish. Bake for 6-7 hours or until your butt has an internal temperature of 190-195 degrees F.

If you do not have a smoker, you can do the entire process in your oven, just follow the same steps as you would with the smoker and add liquid smoke seasoning to your favorite butt sauce.

If you like a dryer smokier flavor, try doing the entire process in the smoker.

Fork your butt!

Once done, remove your butt from the pan, carefully remove from foil, carefully place on a rack (to drain fat), cover loosely with foil (like a tent) and set aside to rest for at least 1 hour. At this point, the meat should be literally falling off the bone. To serve, pull (hence the name) your butt meat apart with 2 forks and serve hot on buns with sauce. Pulled pork is traditionally served with creamy coleslaw either on the bun as a condiment or as a side dish.

Leftover butt

Pulled pork also makes excellent burritos and/or tamales.

Code 1232ur sawdust!! There is a stick of alder left in from last time, but I don't add any at first. The water pan is a turkey pan filled with about an inch or so of just water. This gives me a low heat about 120 - 150 degrees. I'll tend this and

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I dont know what to say....I just uploaded one to you, it gave me the same error but it did go through.

Try one more time, if it doesnt go you can PM for my email address and email me the pic you want there and I can do it for you.
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