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Tomorrows winners are.......

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Dallas 34
Giants 24

Colts 31
Chargers 17

Wanna bet wink:
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I just saw that the Colts lost :eek:

I was thinking they played tonight. Dang it :evil:
DBAppraiser said:
Cowboys are done, that really pisses me off!!! Championship game should be here next weekend. Tdown:
About the time I finally get this Cowboy screaming wife calmed down ... Keysrob calls and says "How bout them cowboys" :evil:

Here we go....round 2 conf:

Gee, thanks Rob :oops:
Keysrob said:
Oh man, Ice... what happened?

How about picking me some stock winners... I'll short them at the opening bell tomorrow morning! :D

I'm just glad to see the NFC Championship Game will be at Lambeau... Forecast is 40% chance of snow and a high of 10 F.

Chuck - tell Julie I feel her pain. My Eagles disappointed me this year (although 8-8 is a hell of lot better than 1-15.)

Can anyone say, "Let's Plaaaaaayyyy Hockey!!!"
Your a funny dude Rob.

Yea, she had a couple of zimas and calmed down ( ears still hurt). she said something about the Packers winning it now. Me, I'm outta the winners bracket so I could really care less who wins it but most likely will be the cheaters from New England

I see the Guppy still wants to fire
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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