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and on a fly; orange head, pink body, weighted, egg sucking leech pattern.
Just for something different, headed on up to the Tolt this afternoon. took my Sage #8weight, Hardy Husky reel and a 20' sink tip. Swung a few flies, practiced up the old flying elbow and had a spiritual time fishing the bug rod.

Anyway, after enough practice, spotted a shady run. Deep, good current so I added a 4' lead core tip to the sink tip. Leader was 5' of 12lb Max ultragreen. Quick roll cast, missed the target. Again, again, missing the target. 4th attempt was a charm, fly landed 10' upstream of a slight push out of the rip rap bank. Thru in a quick mend and as the line started the swing, fish On! Few good runs, chased down 2 gravel bars, out of wind but the fish managed to hang around some soft water next to the rip rap 200' downstream of where it was hooked. took a few pics, turned out the barbless fly hook from its mouth and off the #10-12 lb chrome hen went.


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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