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The big R

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With both sides of the House and the President in agreement that the country needs a boost do you think the country is headed for recession. They are talking about it over here and blame it all on the sub prime loan fiasco.

I was also surprised to hear that your banks are selling shares to Middle East Countries/India/China and Tiawan(sp). They are doing this to keep their heads above water. I bet you would be upset if China took over some of your banks.
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Deja Vu Sir John. We went thru this a coupla decades or so ago when Japan was the hi roller. They were buying banks and golf courses like an oil rich Beverly Hill billy.
And then of course the media running around like Chicken Little screaming Recession Recession. Hell you'd think they had an interest in selling the concept. Surely does inspire confidence in the investing ranks.
Sir John,the acquisition of Alaska from the Russians was a master stroke. The much maligned Seward, Seward's follie, did the country a huge service in buying that bit of real estate. If that hadn't happened many Canadians and perhaps some of the lower 48 would probably be speaking Russian.
Can you imagine the media flak he would get now days for such a brazen bit of Colonialism?

By the way I hear there is a buyer for the Malvenas.
Which Island? I thought the Malvenas were several.
Why does assuming the alias of Otto Skorzeny surprise you? He was much less a criminal than the Jabba of Star Wars.
You make me giggle Sir John. Braddock too was a fascist. And he too got his butt kicked. Skorzeny was a soldier. I respect his skill.
Don't talk to me about Arafat. The inane ones gave him a Nobel Peace Prize.
I suspect that to claim to be other than a fascist in Hitler's Germany was hazardous to your health. Get real. People do what they must to survive. Sometimes it is nothing to be proud of but se la guerre.
By the way I also respect Irwin Rommel. He of course did much with little and drove the British military absolutely to distraction in North Africe. Montgomery required so much logistic support before he would launch an attack at El Alamein the D Day was put off for a year just to accomodate him. I am not cognizant of Rommels personal politics. The fact that he had to off himself because of his involvement with those that attempted to assassinate Adolph speaks well for him. Any student of military history and especially Armour tactics knows of him.
I know that your Island has long been a gigantic termite mound of anti semitism. What Hitler was doing to the Jews didn't upset you much until Rooseveldt got irate about the oversight. It is funny to hear you use the term. Arab peoples are Semitic peoples, do you love them all too?
Do you have any idea how much weight the good opinion of some of the sillies in your corner carries?
All that aside, get well Sir John. I love the challenge of making John Bull aware of his past lest he get too self rightious.
there's that word, right right right.
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Why would the righties, as you tag em, not enjoy meeting you. Anachronisms are always interesting. Besides even you can appreciate God's Country. And for some reminders of home, Victoria is not far away.
There you go again being silly Sir John. If I want to call the Northwest God''s Country, I can and I will. The fact that one of my grandsons is an exchange student in language studies and is living in Grenoble France piques my interest in the area you mention. However, I know where my God's country is. And I don't believe it is the land of the Covenant and hasn't been for a long time.
The whole thing reeks of the S & L fiasco a few years back. Some of the rustlers hit it big and some of em got lynched. The only common note is the taxpayer is gonna get screwed as usual. Some one always needs a bail out and John Doe with a job has the only bucket.
What are you trying to do BB. Hiss off all the liberals and green weenies on this site. You must realize that the media is the oracle of reality to most of them. Self initiated thought based on personal observation is a right hand social disorder in their Dogmatized senses.
Listen to the drummer,ninny! Your left, 'left, 'left, 'left.
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