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tahuyamg said:
First off I hope this posts. Forum is looking a little weird right now! Some rivers don't specifically state, "up to 2 hatchery STEELHEAD can be retained". Then rules and regs. say trout up to 14" can be kept. I know steelhead fall under the trout definition. I also understand that your not to keep wild steelhead, unless otherwise stated. (Which I wouldn't that's my own personal opinion and a whole different topic) Anyway I know there are hatchery steelhead in these waters and it just confuses me as to why this is stated like this??? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
I think you mean "Trout min. size 14 inches" which is what is indicated in many rivers, and not "trout up to 14 inches". Under the "Trout min. size 14 inches", hatchery steelhead become fair game since "steelhead" are defined as "trout over 20 inches". Tokul Creek in King Co. is an example. Most of the fish caught and retained there are hatchery steelhead, and the regs for Tokul has no specific language about "only two hatchery steelhead may be kept" but it does have the ""Trout min. size 14 inches" language.

Symbiosis: Kalaloch Creek also has the "Trout min. size 14 inches", and so you can fish for and retain hatchery steelhead there (whether they are planted or stray) and be completely legal
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