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Steelhead fishing

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First off I hope this posts. Forum is looking a little weird right now! Some rivers don't specifically state, "up to 2 hatchery STEELHEAD can be retained". Then rules and regs. say trout up to 14" can be kept. I know steelhead fall under the trout definition. I also understand that your not to keep wild steelhead, unless otherwise stated. (Which I wouldn't that's my own personal opinion and a whole different topic) Anyway I know there are hatchery steelhead in these waters and it just confuses me as to why this is stated like this??? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
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Yonder said:
Ive asked this before on a related thread and never got an answer. I know many small S river tribs that get annual smolt plants and produce steelhead. The steelhead return to spawn and their spawn return unclipped. its not excactly a native because we put them their and theyre a different strain of steelhead that typically return earlier than the native natives. The streams close on the 29th of february to let the natives spawn. ive heard opinions that a trout is a trout is a trout, and also that anything with an adipose deserves a break. Any one know whether or not its legal for sure?
The unclipped hatchery fish that return to spawn assume the status of wild fish and receive the same benefits as the true natives do :lol:
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