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Snowing on Christmas In Washington?

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I cannot believe that it is snowing here in Steilacoom on Christmas. Pretty cool!
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Yes we are getting some here in University Place as well. Hopefully some will stick around for the kids.
We got it all day yesterday, nothing today, but still a white Christmas. I think your snow is suppose to get us later tonight.
Of course my son in Wyoming has been getting snow all day, nothing new there.
Flurries here in beautiful downtown Newcastle.
1/2" and coming down hard. Bring it on! Tup:
Been snowing off and on all day.
We have a total of about 5 inches of snow here on the east side of the state. It has been white on the ground over here now for a couple weeks and we added about 2 more inches today. It is lovely to look at this time of year but the cold makes it hard to fish in because the line keeps freezing in the rod guides.

Santa brought me a new landing net for my boat and an electric fillet knife for getting the catch ready for the table or the freezer. Tup:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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