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Planned on taking my son out duck hunting on Friday. Woke up and checked outside, dead calm, cool but not cold. Wasn't impressed or inspired to head out duck hunting. Woke my son and asked if he was ready to go. NO, he didn't want to go out and get cold. OK.....I guess thats good enough for me, staying home.

About 8:30 I'm too restless, I'm at least going to drive up to the Skagit delta and do a little scouting. Hmmmm maybe I'll just slide in the sneak boat and go for a paddle. After all, what better way to "scout" conditions and patterns for Saturday. Get in the water about 10:15 am. According to the tide chart, I have to be heading in by 1 pm or I will be fighting the tide hard. I've done that, no fun.

Well get set a little after 11 am, not too many birds moving, light breeze, expectations are still low. About quarter to 12 a pair of mallards finally comes my way, hen flairs off but I get the drake, barely. Took all three shells, dang. Well its sweet anyway, took the skunk off. Barely get reloaded and a pair of pintails are cupped and on final approach. One shot, took the drake. Now I'm feeling good. Wait for a couple more pairs that don't commit and decide that I'd better paddle out and retrievc my birds, as the breeze is increasing and they are drifting out fast.

Get to the mallard and struck by the beauty of this bird. Haven't shot a really mature drake in full hormones in a while. When I toss it between my legs and look again at those bright orange legs, BONUS, It's got a band! :D Tup: :D It's been ten years since I took a bird with jewlery. REWARDED for getting my ass out of the recliner.

Didn't get many large ducks to come by after that, but the teal obliged. The breeze picked up till I would call it wind and took the limit bird about ten minutes after 1 pm. One each mallard and pintail drakes, with five teal.

Didn't have the camera, sorry.
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