Smoked Hubbard Squash on the Treager |

Smoked Hubbard Squash on the Treager

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    Oct 10, 2009
    I tried this today on a bet and it is so good. I did it on the Treager

    1 10# Hubbard Squash
    1 cup dark brown Sugar divided in half
    2 tsp Kosher salt divided

    -Cut off stem end of Hubbard
    -Roll Hubbard to locate flat sides for the grill (I do this so that they wont roll on the grill)
    -Cut Hubbard in half length wise and discard seeds and pulp
    -Pierce Hubbard with a fork all over the inside flesh
    -Apply 1 tsp of kosher salt to each half
    -Apply 1/2 cup of dark brown sugar to each half
    -Place the Hubbard on a small foil lined cookie sheet for easy transfer after cooking.
    -Get the Treager smoking good and smoke the 2 halves for 40 minutes or longer if you like it real smokey (I used Apple Pellets)
    -Turn up heat after the smoke to 400-430 deg. and cook for 70 minutes or until soft with the poke of a fork.
    -Remove Hubbard from the grill & scoop out the meat from the Hubbard into a large bowl.
    -Season to taste and add butter if needed.
    -Eat or freeze
    I froze half with the FoodSaver and ate the rest. Talk about taking squash to a new level
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