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So how many of you are going to emigrate to the Middle East, marry off lots of lasses and then move here and live of the Welfare State. :roll:

As they point out, those with more than one wife usually works to keep the family happy.

We have a totally different welfare system to you and we can be on it for years if we meet the quota set by the gov.

Each child born - the mother is given money each week until that child leaves school.

Lets say just the hubby is working and the wife is at home looking after the children. The hubby earns a low wage, the gov then calculate how much money the family should have to get by. They then pay them the extra cash every week/fortnightly or monthly depending how the couple want the extra cash paid. The money goes straight into their bank account. The gov reckon it is cheaper this way than the family being on the unemployment register. Also the extra cash being spent helps the economy and therefore keeps the unemployment low.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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