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A couple of buddies and I headed out to Serene today. It was my first
time there but I had pretty good idea on how to fish it. I was at
Alice the day before and there where a couple of fish on beds. We
didnt get there until 6:30 pm or so and it took awhile but I finally
found a bed with a fish on it. Took all of about 5 mins to get her
pissed. She weighed 2-4, 15". Nice little fish, she sure fought good
for her size. The weather started to get worse. Wind and rain made it
hard to see the beds. Went back to a bed we had spooked earlier. She
was really spooky so I had to back way off. She took probably 10-15
mins to get but I did. She weighed in at 2-14 and 16 1/4". Running
out of light and time. So we made a mad dash to see if we could find
another bed. Finally found one with a good sized fish but the fish
that came up on it about 5 mins latter was way bigger. Got her to
take it once but she came unbuttoned. We ran out of light and it was
raining pretty damn hard. I will have to come back here some time.
Good luck and please treat those bed fish nice. RELEASE THEM AT THERE
BED!! Good luck see you on the water
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