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Discussion in 'Clallam County' started by Bruce Pearson, Sep 3, 1998.

  1. After hearing that the big Silvers were in and biting at Sekiu we decided to make the drive and give it a try. We started fishing at around 4:30 pm. It was windy and the water was rough. I decided to try a squid that was sent to me by James Schufreider. Thanks James! After checking in at Olsens resort and hearing that the fishing has been very slow and also hearing the same story from other fisherman. We decided to go give it a try anyway. Using my newly found "Purple Haze" and a Hotshot flasher. We fished for about 3 hours without a hit nor did we see a fish caught. At about 8:30 pm a good friend of mine Jim Evans called and told me that he was going to Neah Bay to fish for rock fish. We decided to join him. Three hours of fishin... no hits, no fish…..Off to Neah Bay for some bottom fishin. Check out Neah Bay for my report.
  2. Went to Seiku for salmon and rock fishin on the "Crazy Avis" last weekend with Bruce Pearson and John Evans, among others. We signed up for the Salmon Derby being sponsored by the Seiku Chamber of Commerce and run by Olsens Marina.

    We fished for Sea Bass down off of Kydaka Point the first afternoon. The fishing was spotty. We drifted through the kelp beds throwing white plastic lead head jigs. After picking up a mixed bag of fish, Bruce showed his expertise in filleting them before heading back to the marina.

    Saturday and Sunday we concentrated on hooking a Salmon that would win us first place in the Derby. Unfortunately the weather had other plans for us.

    We trolled down riggers with HotSpot flashers and hoochies from just outside of Clallam Bay, west toward Kydaka Point first thing Saturday morning. The action was slow. John picked up a shaker that got all of our white corpsucles jumping over one another, then there was nothing for awhile.

    Did I mention the weather? Oh yeah, the weather…..

    Well, it became painfully obvious that trolling against the wind was not an option. The down rigger balls hung near vertically from the stern of the boat, and the wind whipped swells bounced us around like abused bobbers. The wind continually caught the bow and swung us about. We were forced to pull the gear and make way back toward the bay, turn and continue trolling with the wind from there.

    After another shaker or two (and losing a flasher) Bruce finally hooked-up with a keeper. We were excited to some extent, because we knew the other fishermen were working as hard for very few fish, and even though our fish was small, we felt that it could place in the Derby.

    By early afternoon our workout was complete. Cold, wet, and tired of fighting the boat and wind, we headed in to marina. Bruce’s fish weighed in at 6.26 lbs, which was enough for third place at that point. After talking to some of the locals for the inside scoop at the Tav-Tav that evening we retired to our lovely accommodations for the night.

    Sunday morning brought more wind and rain. But we were bound and determined to have a miserable good time as possible. The morning brought a boat change for me also. I found myself aboard the "Miraculous Maria" with Mark Ball and Guy Alexander.

    While Bruce, John and Duane turned east from the bay to try their luck down by the lighthouse, we again turned west and began trolling. We tried to keep in water about 110 to 130 feet. Again, more shakers. Then it was Guy’s turn to hook-up. After boating his fish, we had just enough time for one more trip down the coast before having to weigh in Guy’s fish at the marina.

    Once in, we found a crowd of fishermen gathered at the marina office waiting to see if their fish would hold in the Derby. Guy’s fish weighed in at 7.92 lbs which at the time was good enough for fourth place. Bruce’s fish from the previous day had been bumped from the leader board, but he had boated a fish this day that placed sixth at the time it weighed in.

    We had an hour to wait before the Derby would terminate. The chances looked pretty good that our fish would hold their places. Then as we waited with ten minutes or less to go, a guy brought in a fish that weighed in at 12+ lbs, pushing Bruce out of the running and Guy back to fifth place. And that was how it finished. All of the fish that took 2nd through 5th places all weighed around 8 lbs. Incredible! The thousand dollar (1st place) fish weighed a miserable 12 lbs! Well I should have liked to be THAT MISERABLE!

    We took the time to go out for a few more rockfish that day (it actually calmed down a little by afternoon), before pulling the boats and heading back for the farm. Over all we caught six salmon that we could keep. Bruce caught two, John two, Guy one, and Duane one. All in all it was the most miserable good time I have had all winter. Can’t wait ‘til warmer weather and a chance to do it again!
  3. The weather was great, but the fishin was poor. First thing Sat morning we lost a downrigger setup, so we lost some time re-rigging the downrigger. We started out fishing with hotspot flashers and hoochies. At about 9:00 am Sat morning I caught my first fish that went 7.5 pounds. After that we caught and released about 6 under size shakers. At around 2:00 pm Shay had one on that would have certainly placed in the derby. The fish got off after taking a good run. I think Shaw had his drag set way to tight. This was his first salmon fishing trip so he can be excused this time. We continued to fish until 3:00 pm then we went in to check the derby board. My 7.5 pound fish almost placed in 5th place. Shortly before the 3:00 pm check in, Jimbo who was fishing in his boat managed to get one that was 9.22 pounds, his fish placed 3rd in the derby on Sat and stayed in 3rd to win him $300. On Sunday we started off fishing using the same techniques as Sat. After fishing for a couple of hours I finally caught a fish that was about 23”, it was a legal fish but surely would not have placed in the derby, I released it. After fishing until about noon with no success, we called it quits and then went to my favorite Sekiu Sea Bass hole. We fished for Sea Bass for a couple of hours without catching one fish. The derby winning fish went just over 14lbs with the smallest just under 8lbs. All in all we had a great time fishin, the weather was great, the fishin was great, but the catchin was less than we had expected. I guess my next trip to Sekiu will be when I drive thru town on my way to the Swiftsure Halibut Hole at Neah Bay in May/June.
  4. Jim Evans

    Jim Evans Guest

    The conditions for fishing weren't too conducive to catching fish but they sure made for a comfortable trip in the middle of February. It was mostly sunny and not too cold. The wind was a little brisk out on the water but all in all not too bad. We started early on Saturday, 2/19, in an effort to get the early bite. We were on the water by 6:20 and putting out to where we could start trolling. We put our downriggers down at about 6:50, fishing in about 200' of water. I went to 105 and my brother, John went to 120'. We worked in and out of 190 to 210'. At 7:20 I landed a 25" blackmouth, took a picture and released it. At 7:40 John hooked what seemed to be a nice fish and ended up losing it. We continued in deeper water through the morning. I caught and released a barely legal 22" fish at around 11:00. Somewhere in there I had one on that got wound around a downriger cable. It seemed to be a nice fish, but I lost it. We decided to try our luck in shallower water. At noon we started trolling in 95 - 120' water, downriggers down 70 - 90'. At 1:30 I caught a 9.22 lb. blackmouth. We had tickets in the annual Sekiu Salmon Derby which required a weigh in by 3:00 so we decided to call it a day and head in. My fish placed third in the derby that weekend. We fished on Sunday from 6:40 to 11:15 with only one bite. Fairly slow, but a lot of fun. It was nice to get out for an early saltwater salmon outing.
  5. Ron Lewis

    Ron Lewis Guest

    Awesome! Anyone who couldn't catch silvers the first week of sept must have forgotten to bring their pole. Avg size about 8lbs with some brought in around 15lbs and these were all hatchery. No problem limiting but, released 25 wild in three days. Hey Kevin, thanks for the trip out in your boat wed. Hint: coho's hitting hard near surface, no more than 35 feet 1 mile off slip point.
  6. Tom T.

    Tom T. Guest

    Awesome isn't the word. There was three of us and in the two and a half days, we caught over one hundred. Most were wild and had to be released, but had trouble reaching our limits with the hatchery fish. Best trip I've ever had to Sekiu in 50 years. 20 to 30 feet down, green hootchie, dodger, and deep six was the main key.
  7. Kevin

    Kevin Guest

    Fished Sekiu from Olson's resort on 8/8 and 8/9. The silvers and pinks are so thick, many times we didnt get the cutplug on the downrigger without a fish taking it off the top. Absolutely the best Salmon fishing I have ever experienced. The fishing should continue to get better for the month of August. If you go, know the difference between hatchery and wild Coho and pinks and other kinds of salmon. Have all your safety gear on your boat cause the Game Wardens and Coast Gaurd will be on you. The drive to Sekiu is well worth the time. The fishing is magnificent.
  8. Jim

    Jim Guest

    Pretty good fishing at Sekiu, still a lot of pinks around, also was able to get into some really nice silvers, just about everybody I saw was having a good time and catching fish. I was using a dodger and squid for the pinks, and trolling a big streamer on the surface about 5mph in the early mornings for the coho's, when they hit it they really whack it hard, almost scares you.
  9. Tom Buxman

    Tom Buxman Guest

    Fishing has been excellent. We trolled at different times of the day because we had a small boat, so we had to take turns going out. Because the cost of the herring was over-priced, $3.50/doz., we cut into two baits, sometimes three. As long as it spins, it will attract the Coho. The fishing was so good, you can be selective on the size of fish you keep. Just remember tho, if the silver is bleading you should keep it because it will die if thrown back. Some of our limits were taken in less than 45 minutes. Labor Day morning I had my girlfriend onboard, who hadn't caught salmon before. The fishing was so good I ended up being the deck hand, spending more time hooking up her bait and netting her fish than fishing myself. It was great watching her excitement as she reeled in fish. She is now hooked on fishing herself. The experienced fishermen can make or break a rookies first salmon fishing trip. I've had many people in my boat, over the years, catch their first salmon. Enjoy the moment. They will remember it for a lifetime. Be patient and thorough in you explanations. There are so many things to try and remember the first few times out, ie., don't free-spool, keep your thumb on the spool when you set the hook, keep your rod tip up, get the rod tip down in the water when the fish goes under the boat, don't give the fish any slack line, be careful when you bring your lead and hooks onboard so you don't hook your fishing partner, don't let the rod hit any hard objects which could crack the rod, de-barb the hooks, how to net your partners fish, and so on. Remember, it's how you handle the situation that will hopefully make this a fun experience for the rookie. What is obvious to the experienced fisherman will probably not occur to to others. Enjoy and keep your rod tip up.
  10. Texas Fling

    Texas Fling Guest

    Sounds like just about everyone went to Seiku for labor Day. We got there on Thursday & fished up to Labor Day morning. We took three trips a day. Every single person caught there limit. My boy cught the biggest keeper Coho, 12lbs. THe fishing was so good I fell out of the boat. We where trolling, at warp speed, had two fish on at once, I was trying to release a wild, I let it go, it bellied up & when I tried to reach for it the second time, plop, I was in the water. What a weekend. We had 12 people in our group & one boat. What a weekend.
  11. MYKE O

    MYKE O Guest

    WWOOOWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a great time in Sekiu!!!! Limits everywhere..14lb 12lb 11lb three 10lbs. lots of big fish we release alot. I have to go back soon..........Oh and someone caught a 21.8!!!!!!!!!! I saw it at olsons and what a hog!!!!!!!!!!!

    B.KAUFMAN Guest

  13. Tim W.

    Tim W. Guest

    Fished the halibut derby at Sekiu this weekend. Very little pressure, I guess the rain kept everybody away. Water was like a pond though. We had no problems catching halibut, unfortunately they were all in the 12 - 15 lb range. Not going to win too many derbies with those. The largest derby fish was only in the upper 60s this year with third prize going to a 37 pounder. The fish counters said that they were seeing an average of about 1 fish per boat so they are out there. I did manage to hold first place overnight in the black sea bass category but got beat out there on Sunday too, oh well, maybe next year. good luck
  14. Dman

    Dman Guest

    Fished two days, first day caught and released a 16# and a 24# wild coho. Didn't enter coho derby but caught a hatchery 15+ pounder day two. 2nd and 3rd place derby fish were just over 15lbs. Too bad the kings aren't running as strong as coho have been. Maybe the Elwha dam removal project will help change that in a few years.<P><font size=1>Edited by Telki on 8/18/2005.</font>
  15. Dman

    Dman Guest

    Fished two days again this year, we caught 16 pinks and silvers between 3-8 pounds. Kept 5, released 6 natives, 5 pinks. Best fishing seemed to be 3-4 miles out. Big hooknose still up north, maybe two weeks out.
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