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Seattle new long snapper

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Jeff Robinson was signed by the Seahawks as their new long snapper. Coming out of retirement which he began in 2005, he is replacing the young Boone Stutz who has some work to do at the position. I think this is great. Jeff Robinson was once considered one of the best, if not the best long snapper in the NFL while playing for Dallas and St.Louis. Im excited and hope he can do a good job for Seattle and help them in the playoff run. This may be exactly what Seattle needed. he won the workout between two other long snappers and both Josh Brown and Ryan Plackemeier both really like the way he snapped the ball. I guess we will see. :D
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I think it was a move the hawk's had to make...
That's pretty good news. I just hope it helps the punter kick it another 10 yards per kick- I doubt it though. It will be nice for Josh to get one settled onto the tee for a change.
I hear ya about the punter kicking it further and I think it will help actually. The punter(plackemeier) said that his timing is all screwed up and worried about wether or not he is going to catch the ball and where it will be coming at him instead of kicking the ball. I think not fumbling those long snaps and a short punt was better then the alternative of a botched punt and automatic points for the other team. Then again this all depends on how good the new long snapper will really be.
Reading between the lines.... It sounds like Josh and Plackemeier were partially responsible
for firing Stutz. They will be anxious to prove they were right, that it was Stutz, and not that
they actually suck. Should be good watching on Sunday.
Never thought I'd see the day where they might trade Russell Wilson too! I bet Coach Pete would follow him out. " TRAPPER "
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