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Seahawks Coach

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Do you guys think HolmMogren is coming back? Mora interviewed at Washington and then said "no" he was staying
in Seattle. I gotta think that means he thinks he is going to be our new head coach. The guys on 950am sports
radio are praying Holmgren stays. They act like he is God... or at least his cousin or something. I don't know much
about this Mora. Other than his defense doesn't play well on the road. Is Holmgren really that good? Or did a basic
change of philosophy from the owner make the difference those years ago. I personally don't want a coach that is
even considering retirement. If retirement is so appealing, then get on with it. Let someone else have the job.
But... on the other hand... The Devil you know....
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Duroboat said:
Red Neckersom said:
I think Holmgren has had a lot to do with Seattle's success for sure, probably more then anyone. If he wouldn't have came to Seattle, there would be no Hasslebeck and we would probably still be going through quarterbacks like Kelly Stouffer and the likes before Matt was brought in. I just cant think that the Seahawks would have taken off without him like they have. I hope he comes back. Tup:
I couldn't agree more !!!! Holmgren is the best thing to ever happen to the hawks.
I thrid that! The Holmgren nay sayers are knuckleheads. :p
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