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Do you guys think HolmMogren is coming back? Mora interviewed at Washington and then said "no" he was staying
in Seattle. I gotta think that means he thinks he is going to be our new head coach. The guys on 950am sports
radio are praying Holmgren stays. They act like he is God... or at least his cousin or something. I don't know much
about this Mora. Other than his defense doesn't play well on the road. Is Holmgren really that good? Or did a basic
change of philosophy from the owner make the difference those years ago. I personally don't want a coach that is
even considering retirement. If retirement is so appealing, then get on with it. Let someone else have the job.
But... on the other hand... The Devil you know....
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After listening to John Clayton yesterday, I think Holmgren comes back and maybe even gets a 1 or 2 year extension?
Ice, you are suffering from BBQ sauce toxic shock syndrome. If Holmgren asks Paul Allen for an extension, I would be willing to bet that Allen would give it to him. What is too bad is that Hudson Houck, the O line coach chose to go to Dallas over Seattle. Look for Seattle and Mike Holmgren to explore the possibility of hiring a new O line coach to improve the line play.

Mora is the heir apparent for the Seattle job when it becomes available. I doubt Mora wanted to uproot his family and move them to the WA DC area. Mora really likes it here and he doesn't seem to be in any great hurry to get another head coaching job right now. He is young enough that he can afford to wait a while longer. He has done a great job with the secondary here but I don't think the team is in any hurry to push Holmgren out despite Iceshark's numerous voice mails on Ruskel's phone. :D
Ice, John Clayton was commenting yesterday on his show that he thinks when Holmgren finally hangs it up here, that will be it for him. Also, Holmgren has told the team that he will have a decision for them by Tuesday or Wednesday. Holmgren had a Hawaii vacation scheduled for after the Super Bowl due to his believing that the team would have been still playing but he moved the decision making up because they lost in GB.
Also Mike Kahn who covers the team has reported that the decision will come probably Thursday or Friday of this week. I think Holmgren sees this team as being very close to another Super Bowl. As things laid out, they were a snow storm away from playing today and if they were playing today at home against the Giants they would be a 7 point favorite to go to the Superbowl.
Ice, I love yah but you are wrong once again.

1st of all, the Patriots won the weakest division in football as they have the Jets and Dolphins in their division.
Secondly. this team was the 3rd best team in the NFC at the end of the year WITHOUT a running game.
Defense is young and will be good for quite some time
Offense is where they need help, develop a running game and they will be fine.

As for your comment earlier about Fox and ESPN reporting that they think he will retire, he might, but, the guy on Fox (Jay Glazer I think was his name) was saying before the GB/NYG game that Holmgren is going to quit and his source was: Korin Robinson. Not my idea of a good source.
I hope he comes back if for no other reason than that we will get another year of Iceshark predictions and comments that are all over the map! :D
Guess I just can't read. The sad thing is I looked twice for Chuck's name. I blame it on the public school system. conf:
I can think of only two right now in the league that is tied to Walsh, Mike Holmgren and Mike Shanahan. Sam Wyche is gone, George Seifert is gone too. There is also Jim Fassel, Paul Hackett and Denny Green. Holmgren has contributed Andy Reid, John Gruden, and Mariucci was on his staff in GB, also Dick Juaron, Ray Rhodes and Marty Mornhenwig. That is a pretty good list there for both and I would have to call it about even.
I'm not trying to say that Holmgren is better than Walsh but both men have influenced the NFL coaching ranks a great deal. I got this from Wikipedia:


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BTW, Walsh never won a Rose Bowl.

In 1977, Walsh was hired as the head coach at Stanford where he stayed for two seasons. His two Stanford teams went 9-3 in 1977 with a win in the Sun Bowl, and 8-4 in 1978 with a win in the Bluebonnet Bowl; his notable players at Stanford included quarterbacks Guy Benjamin and Steve Dils, wide receivers James Lofton and Ken Margerum, and running back Darrin Nelson. Walsh was the Pac-8 Coach of the Year in 1977.
I'm footballed out and very tired after defending Holmgren from you and trying to explain to Dmack why the Bedard trade makes good sense. Sometimes its like beating my head against the wall. :D

You going to Rufus in Feb. for the big get together? How is your wife doing?
Well, anyone could have won the last 3 super bowls. All Walsh and Seifert had to do was roll out the balls and watch Montana/Young and Rice go to work. Kind of like Phil Jackson with Michael Jordan. :D

I was too lazy to comment on the super bowl info, I thought Walsh had won only 3 but I wasn't sure and didn't feel like checking it out. I've been working on an appraisal of a river front property in Auburn on the Green and it has been kicking my butt. I'm finally done and now its time to shut it down for the evening.
I really don't see the big deal in taking a week to decide what you want to do and as for the coaching criticism, that is going on in every NFL city right now besides two. In NE and NY they are pretty happy with their coaches today. My wife's cousin who is a die hard GB fan sounds just like you guys when he is talking about McCarthy. As for some peoples constant beating of the drum for a young, hungry coach to take us to the Super Bowl, would someone please tell me who the last young, hungry coach was that was able to take a team to the super bowl? It just doesn't happen.

As for "pointing the roster in the right direction past 2008" what are you suggesting?
If the Hawks can fix the offensive line to the point that it is serviceable in the running game, doesn't have to be great, just pretty good, then this team is a contender once again next year for the Super Bowl. The defense is good enough to get us there after being shored up last off season. Now it is time to shore up the offense starting with offensive line and tight end. Draft a running back and see what SA brings to training camp. My gut feeling is that SA will be pretty good if he is healthy and the line is better.
I think Holmgren stays just so he can put the screws to Iceshark and all the so called experts he listens to on satelite radio while he drives around. Tup:
Chuck, do you think that Sporano is really ready to be a head coach? I suppose it is okay because Parcells will be right there yelling at him but I'm not too sure about it. How would you like to be Wade Phillips, knowing that Jason Garrett is getting paid all that money to be your replacement when things go south next season! I think the Cowboys will implode next year as this was the post Parcell's year, meaning the team responds to Wade's easy going/no yelling style but that can't last as it leads to player laziness and eventually infighting when things go south.
I see the Cowboys dropping a few pegs next year too for a couple of reasons. 1) History shows that lax, easy going, player's coaches don't last long in this league and Wade Phillips is that type of guy. 2) The Cowboys two main receivers are both over 31 years old and that isn't a good thing. 3) The Giants showed that the Cowboy passing game can be shut down and then they really struggle.
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