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I found this from the forum in the Charlotte Observer. Apparantly the Hawk fans
were less than kind to the Panther fans back in '05.

Personally I think that is funny as heck. If you wear the other teams jersey, you are
drawing attention to yourself and should expect the razzing. What do you folks think?

o Seahawks right at home

I'd like to hear from anyone who went out to Seattle back in 05 when Fox and Co. was a no-show in the NFC championship game. The Seattle fans were absolutely brutal to the Panther fans and I vowed I would never go to another away game.
I believe you could say that was the point that the Panthers began their free fall. I am still trying to decide if I'm going to the game. I have no faith that Fox and Co. is going to show up for this game. Anybody else go out to Seattle in 05?

Posted by: bartlettww *
* 12/14/2007 12:32 PM
bartlettww - I went all the way out there, the fans were loud, and obnoxious. It was brutle to be a Panther fan there.. I was in the endzone, right above the Seahawks tunnel, so I was yelled at alot before, during, and after the game..By all those people dressed in Green, especially the guy dressed up like the "Incrediable HULK" in the endzone... The Only good thing was, we made it to the NFC game on a team, that was not the best team in the NFC. But played with heart all season, and then left their hearts in Charlotte (Or was it San Francisco)....

Posted by: mickey2855

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We are loud, and obnoxious. But you come to Quest field wearing the oposing teams jersey and expect everyone to hug you and tell you that they love your team and hope they win... you're in for a rude awakening.

On a side note, i was at the Chicago game and there was a dude there that was wearing a Brett Favre jersey... ??? What's with that?
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