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Salmon River

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Caught some nice fish last week on the Salmon River. Here is a picture of my fish along with a few others that I caught over a couple of days. Nice three salters!


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Nice! Thanks for the report. When we going to hit the river? Last time we were suppose to go I almost ended up in the ditch! :oops:
Was that on the OP Salmon River ?
Cool. I thought we all just liked to talk about it.
Ihookem said:
Was that on the OP Salmon River ?
Yes, runs into the Queets river. I fished above the Park on the reservation. That river is going to be temperamental for the rest of the season because of a clay bank washing out above the feeder creek for the hatchery. So even if the river level doesn't look that bad(I use the Queets below Clearwater to determine clarity of Salmon), it could very well look like yellow mustard :eek:
nice report. I'm headed over to fish the Salmon on the 12th and hope it doesn't look like mustard...if it does, I'm gonna have to ketchup on my fishing later...bad...really bad. :)
Now that looks like a great time, Nice fish Tup: Tup: Tup: Tup: Tup:
What are they charging you to fish this year,and what is the limit? Nice fishies.
gonefishin said:
What are they charging you to fish this year,and what is the limit? Nice fishies.
It depends on who your guide is as far as cost. It can run from 100.00 to 150.00. Limit is three fish, but some guides will allow you to catch theirs!
Nice fish!! Lots of good eats right there. Tup:
those there sure are some beauties
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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