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Got to spend the last two weekends at Rufus Woods. I had never fish there before. I hit the Lake with me Bother-in-Law and launched at the Dam. We started out trolling down the south side of the lake. It did not take very long before we had fish in the boat. We used black Rapalas behind an 1/2 oz sinker. We caught 8 fish in about 2 1/2 hours and took home 4 nice fish. No huge ones just 2 to 4 lbs. The next day took my wife a daughter out. Very SLOW only 1 small fish in about 4 hours. But the weather was perfect and not a ripple on the lake.

We then went this last weekend and I took my brother and one of his friends. Plan was to fish in the morning and Coyote Hunt in the afternoon for 2 days. We fished both days right by the dam pulling plugs with a fly about 5 feet behind the plug. We ended the day with 4 fish from 2 to 4 lbs. One of the trout was tagged. I called the number on the tag and they entered me in some sort of drawing for a gift certificate at Sportsmans Wearhouse. They also told me that they had released 8,562 fish with a tag. I stopped at the Tackle Store in Brewster on the way home. I always buy my gear from him, he is a super nice guy. He told me that another boat had broken open another net releasing a bunch more fish, but they are very small 5 to 6 inches.


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