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News Flash:
Trinity Cracker Company to begin making "Reverend Wrights Crackers" to help Obama.

Wall Street Investment Firms and the Dow Jones were abuzz today with the news that Barack Obama is investing in a new firm that will begin manufacturing "Reverend Wrights Crackers", a division of the newly formed Trinity Cracker Company of Chicago. According to sources, crackers will need to be a necessary element of his campaign if he is to win the Democratic Party nomination.

"From New York to San Diego and Seattle to Miami, this country is full of crackers. Crackers can be found not only in Georgia and Alabama, but California, Washington State and North Dakota. You can't get away from it, crackers are everywhere."

"We want to capitalize on this rare opportunity for all people of color to use crackers to enable us to win the nomination. Each purchase of crackers will provide 15 cents to the campaign of Senator Obama, a worthwhile and worthy cause. We feel this product will go well with chili, soup, and as a useful topping on Green Bean Casserole. The best part is, when you're done using the crackers, you just throw the remainder out or place them under a bus (Just like Grandma). They make a cool crunchy sound."
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