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I am planning on hitting Reiter in a few days and have a few questions... Having never been there, I need a bit of guidance. First, can somone take this Google Maps screenshot of the area and point out where good accsess points are?

Second, I am home for the holidays from college and have left my waders over in Pullman because they were too bulky to pack. I am just going to wear rubber boots, which will limit me to smaller runs and easier accsess. Can somone enlighten me on the fishabilty of the Reiter area? Finally, I plan on throwing jigs and possibly spoons or corkies. Does anyone have suggestions on colors, sizes, and the like?

Also, If anyone wants to attempt to persuade me to fish another river near my homebase of Mountlake Terrace I am all ears and would like to hear why.

Merry Christmas,



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why not just forego the river thing and take me out on your bass boat to target smallies on Lk. Wash.? Im sure with the proper dropshot presentation they can be easily had. Just a thought. Otherwise hit the startup area and work downriver to the wallace.
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