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Posted for Cannonguy:
I am working with Hornady to have a factory person come to the Seattle-Tacoma area the end of May. They would like to know how much interest there would be in a reloading clinic. It would be geared toward beginners primarily. Cost would be minimal(covering materials) They would like to have at least three sessions. I would need to have about 100 people.

Anyone interested?


3 sessions with 100 people will be approx 33 people per group. This will need a fairly big room. Is there a store, or somebody with 1000 sq feet of office or space to donate for this? If a hotel confrence room is used that cost will be significant.

I would check with Sportsmans Warehouse in Federal way. They would gladly open their doors for this event and give you space. I know some folks at Sportsmans warehouse if you need help with that.

That sounds like something I would be interested in!

I'd absolutely be interested!

Me too.

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I would be interested. over the last year I picked up most of what I need for reloading in anticipation of setting up a bench in my new place. but, the buddy that was going to show me the ropes has flaked out on me.
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