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Fishing Report Quilcene River

Discussion in 'Jefferson County' started by Jacob Sonnenberg, Aug 31, 2001.

  1. Hunter

    Hunter Guest

    Fished the Quilcene with my mom at the Clay Banks and first cast WHAM!!! A nice 12 lb hen, one of the few chromers left. Saw a chrome jack, big shading buck, and a released black, spawned-out coho. Heard the mouth has decent fishing but seems like the season might be wrapping here. Also, don't forget to pick your trash and beer bottles so it doesn't end up closing down or ruining others' fun and time. Good Luck!
  2. Daner

    Daner Guest

    Woke up this morning and it was raining... Perfect. Took a short trip out to the quil and walked up from rodgers st. Mostly chum but silvers are there. Flossed one and after 5 hours of rain, one hit my spinner. Both fish were females and clipped around 6lbs. I also caught a pretty 12" rainbow and a few cutts on the spinner.
  3. AlpineM3

    AlpineM3 Guest

    Walked up from Rodgers st today this morning. Not much goin on... After a few hours of throwing at nothin. I put on a spinner and was able to punch 2 jacks. Seems like the season might be over for the quil.
  4. Blake

    Blake Guest

    Fished the Quil with my dad today about a mile downstream from the 101, from 6:30 to noon. Not alot of people...Or fish. Caught 2 and my dad caught 1. A semi-bright 5lb hen, a chrome 5lb buck, and a semi-bright 8lb buck. All caught on eggs.
  5. Blake

    Blake Guest

    Fished the Quil with my dad today, about a mile downstream of 101 from 6AM to 2:30. At 9 started seeing schools of atleast 30-50 coho move up every 15 minutes. Would swim by pretty fast, but i ended up going 4 for 7, landing 2 5lb bucks, a 5lb hen, and a 4lb hen, Losing a few after setting the hook and missing several. My dad went 1 for 5, landing a 5lb hen. All fish were caught on red beads and eggs. About a 3ft leader and light line.
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  6. Marie

    Marie Guest

    Caught nothing at the Quilcene today; Native Americans were hooking the fish at the mouth and had their boat parked right in the mouth so no fish came up.
  7. Hunter

    Hunter Guest

    Fished downstream of 101 from 3 to 8pm and went 3 for 12 keeping a 6lb buck. Using red beads and yarn with short leaders. A lot of schools were coming up when I first arrived but they stopped around 7pm. Good Luck!
  8. Hunter

    Hunter Guest

    fished downstream of 101 with my dad friday, saturday and sunday we got 1 on fri. 8 on sat and 8 on sun. All with either beads and yarn or beads and eggs with a 1/0 hook and 2 foot leaders. Really have to work for your fish if you want to limit but a few good schools would come by every once in a while. Good Luck!
  9. Blake

    Blake Guest

    Fished the Quil yesterday with my dad, from 6am to 2pm. About a mile downstream of the 101. We both got 4 fish, plus lost quite a few before that. Biggest was 12lbs, smallest was 7lbs. All chrome bright. Using red beads and eggs in the morning, beads and yarn later in the day. There were alot of schools moving up, but they were pretty spooked. Really gotta work for the fish.
  10. Hunter

    Hunter Guest

    Fished below 101 wednesday and thursday nights with my dad and we got 8 on wed and 7 on thurs. Beads and eggs or beads and yarn. Some fish have been in the river for a while now and action is slowing down, had to work for the fish but they are there if you know where to find them. Good Luck!
  11. Hunter

    Hunter Guest

    Fished below 101 again today from 7 to 9am with a friend and got 8 silvers from 7 to 12lbs. Bead and eggs work for us. Saw 2 undercover gamewardens bust a guy for snagging and met a nice group of fisherman as well. Not a lot of people with limits but there were tons of people. Good Luck!
  12. natives are getting their pounds of flesh. Not many getting through the Rogers street hole. fished up at 101 in morning and shot down to Rogers Street to fish above the picket line @ noon. Fresh fish moving where few and far between. Did see plenty of Chum salmon spawning.. Just hope fisherman will keep from walking in the beds. Also starting to see beat-up coho starting to stage. RIver is even lower than last week. I think there are more fish to come but they are going to be scarce till the natives collect their 50 percent
  13. Fished up from Rogers Street for a hour tonight and got my limit. So many chum pushing through just have to look for the holes the coho are holding in. Lots of snaggers
  14. Bam

    Bam Guest

    Fished at about 7am. Landed A LOT of chum. Landed one nice silver(hen). Buddy limited out three hens one buck. Good fishing you just have to be willing to put in the work. Snagging at Rodgers isn't really work. Always a good time on the river.
  15. Hunter

    Hunter Guest

    Fished 101 down yesterday with a friend and we got 7 on beads or yarn/eggs. Biggest was about 13lb and smallest was about 7lb. Not too many people but not too many fish either being caught. A lot of the coho are moldy right now but there are still fresh ones in there just have to work a little harder. Good Luck!
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