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Discussion in 'Jefferson County' started by Jacob Sonnenberg, Aug 31, 2001.

  1. Tons and tons of Salmon. Were not biting on anything. A few nice ones were caught. Best Salmon that I saw caught was 17 Lbs.
  2. dlu

    dlu Guest

    9202 Wrote:
    lots of clear fish.caught one sat. should start hitting after the rain this week
  3. dallas

    dallas Guest

    Went fishing today on the quil..saw silvers in a large pool,but couldn't get any to bite, anyhelp...why aren't they biting?
  4. Hunter

    Hunter Guest

    Fished the Quil' today from the bridge downstream and didn't see anything except trout jumping. The river is low and clear and has changed a lot since last year. Rain will do the trick. Saw 2 silvers above the mouth. Lots of people at the mouth, too. Good luck!
  5. Hunter

    Hunter Guest

    Came from the Skok with nothing but slow action and 2 bobbers down with eggs. Walked down from the 101 bridge yesterday and saw 10 jacks and 5 Chum all the way down the trail. Landed a jack that was about 18 inches and 4lbs so I released. Used a bead and yarn on a size 1 hook. This place has really changed since last weekend, they diverged the river to go another way. River is pretty slow and needs rain and really high tides. Good luck!
  6. oystermoss

    oystermoss Guest

    Saw 2 chum and 1 silver below the bridge. Down at Rogers St there were a few chum and silvers but not many. People fishing their said it had been pretty good the afternoon of the 7th.<P><font size=1>Edited by Easy Limits on 9/9/2010.</font>
  7. cohomadness

    cohomadness Guest

    Waited for a LONG time for silvers, only saw (protected) chums, not worth the wait! It was a good early run. Waiting for the Sequim to open. fished the puq?, bonked nice 2 silvers in 20 minutes.
    Hit'em hard they won't last long.
  8. Hunter

    Hunter Guest

    Fished the 'cene yesterday from 7 a.m. to noon and released a jack below 101 bridge and then 10lb chrome hen took my rig for a ride but I landed and got a nice silver in the freezer. Used a size 1 hook, black yarn, red bead, and a 3ft leader. DO NOT USE CANNONBALL WIEGHTS! Saw 2 chums, 7 jacks, and 4 good size cohos including mine and only 1 other person had a fish. The river is changing back to the left yesterday or today. Good Luck!
  9. Hunter

    Hunter Guest

    Fished the 'cene downstream of 101 with my mom from 9 am to 3 pm and she got a nice chrome 8 lb buck silver on a home-made hootchie spinner and all I got were bites. Saw a pretty good amount of coho, a dead pink on the beach, and no chums for the first time. Lots of people at Roger St. and the mouth. Good Luck!
  10. Hunter

    Hunter Guest

    Fished the Quil and the Skok yesterday with my dad below 101 and the log jam hole on the Skok. At the Quil, my dad went 1 for 2 with a fresh 6lb silver and I went 0 for 2 with a couple following my jig. At the Skok, I went 2 for 16 with a decent 6lb jack and my dad did not hook any. Fish are starting to turn brown at the Skok but some rain would be a quick fix for fresher king and coho at both places. Other anglers were doing good too at the Quil and Skok. Good Luck!
  11. blake

    blake Guest

    fished the quilcene downstream from the 101 bridge yesterday from 8am to 12:30pm. hooked 3 landed a small 4 and a half lb chrome hen. saw alot of coho pass by, but they stopped going by around noon.
  12. Hunter

    Hunter Guest

    Fished the Quil about a mile downstream of 101 today from 1 pm to 7 pm with my dad. I hooked 2 and landed and released a decent jack and my dad hooked 4 landing only a chum that was released as well. I had a lot of fish chasing my pink jigs and spinners. Couple of game wardens down there busted a 3 people for something I am not sure but they had a whole stringer of fish. A couple of schools came by us and saw a couple dark ones also. Good Luck!
  13. Hunter

    Hunter Guest

    Fished about a mile downstream of 101 from Sat. to Mon. 4 on sat., 3 on sun., and 0 on mon. with derby winner being a released 18 lb buck. Most fish were caught either twitching jigs or drifting beads. Lots of coho, chum, pinks, people, and people keeping snagged fish. Went up to the hatchery to look and the water below the weir was filled with coho and are expected to continue through October! Good Luck!
  14. Hunter

    Hunter Guest

    Fished the Quil about a mile downstream of 101 with a friend from 11 am to 2 pm. We went 4 for 7 including a bonked 8lb silver, 2 released chums, and a beaten up coho that was released. Toosing spinners and drifting yarn and beads. Lots of people but I only saw 5 fish on the beach. Just before we were about to leave a huge school of 20-30 fresh silvers started shooting up. Also saw a coyote on the other side of the river on the way out. Good Luck!
  15. Hunter

    Hunter Guest

    Fished the Quilcene Sat. and Sun. at the clay banks hole and got 4 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. Released a huge 21 lb coho (just because it was a native) and a big male pink.
    Not many fresh ones in any more, we need some rain. Pitching home-made spinners was very effective by keeping 3, hooking 4, and having several follow all the way to the beach. Dick Nites, beads, and corkies worked, too. Lots of people again but not as many limiting out. Good Luck!
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