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Saw this on another site today WOW! sick:

in this months "The Reel News" written by Terry Sheely

"These individuals and businesses are on the record with ODFW with letters supporting commercial gillnetting opputunities in the Columbia River. (You decide if you should eat Fultano's Pizza, buy boards at Astoria Builder Supply or Tires at Erhast. Does your sportfishing and business dollar nees to support these guys? TWS)


*Jeff A Salo, Pacific Marine & Energy Resources
*Dentist Phillip J. Ross
*The Clatskanie Chief Newspaper - Deborah Steele HAzen, Publisher/Editor
*Hazen Hardware - Phil Hazen, Owner
*Clatskanie Chamber of Commerce-Deborah Hazen - President
*Uniontown Fish Market - Owner Debbie Schmitz
*Chinook marine Repair - Dale Hughes, President
*Mayor of Clatskanie - Diane Pool
*Pratt and Blue CPA'S
*Rick Pass, Superintendent of Public Schools, Knappa, OR
*Bornsteins Seafoods
*Ilwaco Volunteer Fire Dept.
*Warrenton Deep Seafood Market with a letter with 32 signatures
*Clatsop County Sherriff's Dept. - Sherriff Tom Bergin
*Bank of Astoria
*Kristen L. Dreyer owner of Central Barbershop, St Helens, OR
*City of Astoria Mayor Willis L. Van Dusen asking for commercials to recieve 60% allocation
*City of Warrenton, Gilbert Gramson, Mayor
*Knutsen Insurance, Jeffrey Canessa
*Khosro Peiravi owner odf Sporty's Inc., he described himself as "a fishing tackle shop" located in Clatskanie, OR
*Jim Breedin - Jim's Head Quarters Barber Shop
*Randy Stemper - Astoria Builders Supply Co.
*Nick Glegor - Glegor Marine Construction
*Phyllis Ham _ The Portway Restaurant and Bar in Astoria
*Bob Heilman - Labor Temple Cafe & Bar in Astoria
*Randle J. Rodeback - Columbia ChemDry
*David Fowler, Erhast Shop & Tire Center
*Seafood Consumer Center - Diane Moody
*Sundial Travel & Cruise Center - S. Bruce Conner
*Alaska Independent Fisherman's marketing Association _ David Harilsa, President
*Jim Wells - Salmon For All, President
* Dahls Autimotive Supply - the signature is hard to read but it appears to say Stanley M. S---Longview, WA
*Jack Welsh - J. Welsh Enterprises, Portland OR
*Stuart Haas - Hydraulic Marine Equipment Co. Inc., Clatskanie OR
*Rob D Smo---(signature difficult to read) President of KBS Sportsman Club, Astoria, OR
*Sheryl & Jeff Holmes - Tide Point Restaurant, Astoria, OR
*Astoria Automotive Supply INC., David P. Johnson, President
*Columbia River Fisherman's Protective Union - Jack Marincovich, President
*Fultano's Pizza, owner Toby Harris
*Allen & Carlson Certified Public Accountant - Stephen C. Allen
*The Desdemona Club - Owner Stephen C. Allen
*The Wet Dog Cafe - Owner Stephen C. Allen
*Ray Raihala - Ray Raihala Insurance Agency
*Port of Chinook - Ken Greenfield, Board Chair - Leslie Clark, Commissioner -Edgar Wilson, Commissioner - Daniel Todd, Manager

Spring Chinook regulatory decisions and seasons will be set in February. Jerry Gutzwiler WDFW Commission chairman said only that, "there's a tremendous amount of passion on those Columbia salmon," but wouldn't hint about what the commissioners will do in February. "Its tough, because we have to look at future guidelines within the context of the conservation needs of those fish. We have an ever-increasing demand for these resources and only a finite number of salmon"

I just found the last paragraph interesting especially after the 4 - 4 split vote. These businesses around Astoria and Clatskanie will be on my "no shopping list".

The above information is why letters are still very important for sportsfisherman to read, sign, email and mail.

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I applaud "The Reel News" and Terry Sheely for stepping up to the plate and supporting what they believe in with action. Tup:
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