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This is strickly for fun and enjoyment for all those from the far left to the far right. Add your own versions of how to make the political, up comming races, interesting:

Instead of having a republican,democrate,independant,ect running with a "running mate"; have all the canidates (top ones for each party) run for office...solo. When the public votes this next fall (no electorial votes count), The canidate with the majority of the "public votes" becomes the president and the one coming in second becomes The VP. This way the ones elected have to learn to get a long, some what, if they want to get anything done.Yea I know... were talking politicians here, but remember this is just for fun. Please try to remember we are dealing with inflated egos regarding many politicains, especially the ones running for the top job. Any ideas from the rest of you? Lets try to keep the flaming down to a minimum, I realize it will be impossible for some :lol:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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