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Here are the dry ingredients;
This brine will do two fish about 10 to 12 lbs

1 pound box of dark brown sugar
1.5 cups Kosher Coarse salt
1/4 cup Granulated garlic
1 tbls. Caynene Pepper
1 tbls. Coarse ground pepper
1 tbls. Don Enrique Pico De Gallo Chile seasoning

Mix well, lay the larger chunkier pieces of fillets in the bottom
of a plastic tub, cover with handfuls of the dry brine. Lay on
the second layer of fillets skin side down on top of the first
layer. Cover again with the remaining mix, all of it.
Cover with a lid, refrigerate if the weather is warm, otherwise
in the winter just let set outside or on the cool slab of the
concrete floor.
Let set for 2.5 hours for large fish 10 lbs+
2.0 hours for fish under 10 lbs.
Rinse fish with a nice jet stream of water from the hose
to remove all of the left over brine, pat dry, rack and stack on
trays, let stand until tacky.
Smoke with two to three pans of your favorite chips to desired
product consistency.
I perfer Apple or Cherry chips.
You may think the heat would be heavy but it will mellow to just a
nice glow. The sugar will take care of that.
I call it the fish that keeps biting back.
Good eats with an IPA Beer of your choice with a nice sharp cheddar
cheese on the side, with crackers of coarse.
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