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Photo Album

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How do we git our Photo Album from the old site to the new site?
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The one up in "Select Navigation"? Under Photos.
Or you talking something else?
Use to have a spot that said "my photo album" down by my signature line
Wouldn't you be able to add it? In your member control panel under "edit signature line" URL?
Billy use the URL and put this address into your signiture. ... temId=1514

It should be like this MY PHOTO'S
what did I do wrong? I am sooooooo computer illiterate
You almost got it Billy. All you need to do is add the brackets and URL.
Like this MY PHOTO'S
Then it will look like mine does.
This is whats there

whut I gotta change? tried putting "My Photos" in there but it just messed it up.
Well, it'll have to wait, I gotta go to work, thanks for your help guys, will try it later.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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