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For all the Families standing shoulder to shoulder across the Pier, social distancing was the last thing on their minds.
Full of hope on this cold rainy night in the Northwest, patiently jigging for what seemed like hours. now there was a sudden movement at the far end of the dock, the Fishing Ballet had begun!
Soon everyone looked like a busy Tuna Crew, tossing their catch high in the air and into the waiting buckets, as from out the darkness below, came the Fluorescent Schools of Squid shooting past us, attracted to our dangling lights.
Just as soon as it had begun, things came to a screeching halt, as the Bully of the Block made his presence known. A moan went through the crowd as their kid’s crowded the rail to see the Big Sealion do his damage.

As the schools of squid quickly disappeared below, so did the crowd from off the Pier, praying that The Orca will soon be adding more to it's diet besides Fresh Salmon.

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