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Kelso hunter dies while chasing down bull elk

09:27 AM PST on Tuesday, December 18, 2007


KELSO, Wash. - A hunter from Kelso was found dead after he went after a bull elk in the woods northeast of Toutle, Washington, police said.
Raymond Olson, 63, was bow hunting when he spotted the elk. His fellow hunters told investigators that he went down into a clear-cut after the animal and never returned.
They searched for him, to no avail and then called 9-1-1.
“Search and Rescue personnel were called and shortly after their arrival on scene, began a search of the surrounding area,� said Captain Mark Nelson with the Cowlitz County Sheriff's Office.
“Approximately 30 volunteer searchers responded, as well as other hunters in the area who came to assist.�
Some time later, Olson's body was located in the clear cut and police said the cause of death was unknown.
"At this point, it appears as though Mr. Olson died while attempting to shoot a large bull elk. I think that's the way most serious hunters would love to go," Nelson said.
Mr. Olson's body was turned over to the Cowlitz County Coroner and family members were notified.
An exact cause of death may be released later, after a possible autopsy.going to join, you need also to get involved. You'll need to donate your time and money. Nothing will happen with the $25 memberships, except you'll get a newsletter and stickers. You'll need also to be patient. Politics moves slower than any other process known to man, and this is politics.e solitude, or we may just want to stand around and take in some of the action down at the Terminal Fishery.
If you are down there this weekend stop by for a brat and a beer, I'll have the BBQ going. Might even pass out some BBQ chicken to some of those guys down there like I did last weekend.
That really opens up the hole when they all come up for some BBQ. :mrgreen:
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