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For all you big truck owners, and muscle car fans, this proposed SB6900 bill will take a chunk out of your wallets if passed............

Vehicle License Fee Bill SB6900


There is a bill that the Washington State Legislature is trying to pass in Olympia that, if
successful, will directly add huge costs to our vehicle license fees. Everyone needs to
know about so this situation so that you can contact your r representatives and voice your

The bill is SB 6900 and it adds an 'engine displacement' fee to the vehicle license tabs upon

The fee has a varied amount depending on the size of the vehicle's engine:

Engine Size (liters) Rate Schedule
Up to 1.9 $0
2.0 - 2.9 $70
3.0 - 3.9 $225
4.0 - 4.9 $275
5.0 - 5.9 $325
6.0 - 7.9 $400
8.0 or over $600

For each car & truck that you own, calculate the rate by matching the engine size in liters to
the dollar amount. Add the amounts for each vehicle and you'll see that the average two car
family will be paying
$500+ every year in 'displacement fees' on top of the normal license fees. If you have three
vehicles, you'll be paying even more.

The average family is already struggling with the high cost of gasoline, electricity, food and
everything else, and our lawmakers want us to pay more, thinking we have unlimited deep
pockets. This w ill do great damage
to the budgets of retirees on fixed incomes as well.

Now is the time to be very vocal against this bill.

I have contacted all of our representatives, and I would encourage everyone reading this to
do the same.

Here's the web page for the bill where you can read the text: ... &year=2007

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This Bill is dead.

Good morning Mike,

Thank you for contacting the office of Representative McDonald with your
opposition to HB 6900
Establishing vehicle engine displacement and emissions fees. SB 6900
establishes a new carbon tax based on the size of a vehicle engine and
eventually charges the fee based on the amount of carbon emitted per
mile. This bill is a massive tax increase on working families simply
for owning a motor vehicle. According to the Office of Financial
Management, SB 6900 will result in a $1.7 billion tax increase just in
the first five years of implementation and could be substantially higher
in future years. Interestingly, vehicles owned by state agencies are
exempt from these taxes.

This bill penalizes those who need to drive bigger vehicles (such as
trucks or SUVs) for family or business reasons. The bill also singles
out people who drive older vehicles because of financial or other

The bill is currently in the Senate Transportation Committee, and it is
in fact a dead bill.
This is not a bill that Rep. McDonald would be in support of should it
made it from the Senate.

Warmest regards

Meredith Policani
Legislative Assistant to
Representative Joyce McDonald

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I heard about this earlier in the week.

Yes, the bill is dead but the idiots who proposed it are alive and still spreading their wisdom. You might check and see if it was one of your Senators who sponsored the bill and if so, give them an earful… unless of course you think this is a good idea…

Senator Rodney Tom, 48th Legislative District: Bellevue, west Lake Sammamish, Redmond, Clyde Hill, etc

Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles 36th Legislative District: West side of Seattle, Ballard, Shilshole, etc

Senator Craig Pridemore 49th Legislative District: Vancouver

Senator Adam Kline 37th Legislative District: Renton to Madrona

Senator Karen Keiser 33rd Legislative District: parts of Kent, Des Moines, Normandy Park and SeaTac

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I wrote all my Reps voicing my opinion on this bill. I heard back from Chris Hurst and Dan Roach. Here is what I got back from Dan Roach and it's pretty much what I heard from Chris Hurst too:

Thank you for taking the time to contact my office with your opposition
to Senate Bill 6900, establishing vehicle engine displacement and
emissions fees. You are one of over a hundred constituents that have
contacted my office and expressed great concern for this legislation.

I agree with you that SB.6900 is awful legislation and just another
attempt to tax us. Fortunately, due to the various cutoff dates for
bills to be heard and voted, the proposal died in committee. That's the
good news. Unfortunately, the bad news is that we'll most likely see a
similar bill introduced again next session, after the fall elections.

Meanwhile, I'll keep up the fight and hold the line on taxes. It's good
to see that people are getting fired up about legislation like this and
joining the battle. Unless people let their voice and VOTE be heard, we
will keep getting the same bad stuff down here in Olympia.

With that in mind, I want you to know that I appreciate your input and
will keep your comments in mind when the issue arises in the future. To
track the progress of this legislation, please copy and paste the
following link into your browser's address bar: ... &year=2007.

Please feel free to contact me again in the future with any further
comments or concerns, and thank you for keeping me informed of those
matters which are important to you!

Dan Roach
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