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new shimano stradic

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I just bought the new shimano stradic the other day, and unlike my other one Im not sure Im too impressed with it. It has new features over the old one, but, the thing I like least about it is it feels like it is grinding slightly when reeling. I should also say that I have not used it yet, However even when I took my last one out of the package it felt like butter. I have always used shimano and never had a problem with them, but, Im not so sure I want to keep this reel, by the way it is the stradic FI 3000. Any one with similar or different views on this reel?
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I'm having problems with mine also.
hook what kind of problems?
The bail is not opening up completely all the time.
I came across a bad batch of Simetry's two years ago. I bought one and a buddy had one. Just not as smooth in the reel as my other two so we took them back to ASM and they swapped it out no problem. Now, even with Shimano, I reel, and flip the bail several times each time before I buy.
Sorry to hear about the bad real Sir Fishalot. I just purchased the Saros and it is great. I would highly recommend this reel. Tup:
Just got the ST4000FI for christmas and i love it. Smooth as butter, no odd noises when reeling... yet, i have the same problem every so often with the bail not opening all the way. Me thinks i might have a chat with the guy at Sportco.
the one ST4000FI i got is as nice as they come no problems with the bail or anything just one sweet reel
my bail opens and closes just fine. The reel just seems to grind subtly when retrieving. Now I just have to decide whether or not to keep the reel. I read on the cabelas reporting page on the reel and others have had the same grinding problem, its a big dissappointment to me cause all I use is shimano and with this new reel and the price going up I might try something else.
I have an older 2000 and I love it. Wonder what changed?
I have a near new 3000 FI that has seen the water 4 times. I always close the bail by hand but its already starting to pop open on its own. I'm probably going to take it back and swap it for either a Quantum or a Daiwa.
anyone tried the new pfluegers? I tried one the other day and if felt buttery smoothe but confused as to what era it was from. Its all chrome blingy but still uses the old school wood handle. conf:
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