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I don't know if anybody else has seen this but here is an e-mail that I got from a gentlemen from Northwest Marine Trade Association. If anybody is interested see the links below

Many of you wrote your State legislators last year and encouraged them to pass House Bill 1651, which put more money into recreational boating programs. The bill also authorized a study to determine current and future boater needs. Thanks to all of you who supported the bill. It passed. The money was allocated and it is being spent. The results of the study are online. (Click on this LINK if you want to read the full 49 page report, ... mary.pdfor on this LINK ... mary.pdfif you want the read the 8 page summary. I recommend the summary.)

There was another key ingredient of the bill. This was the creation of a new Boater Advisory Committee to help guide future decisions by the State, on the best way to "Serve Our Boaters." It is now time to form this new committee and I am writing to you (and other Seattle Boat Show attendees) to encourage you to consider applying to serve on the Committee.

The duties of the Committee are narrow at this point. However, many of us who have worked on this issue envision the roles and responsibilities of the Committee expanding in the years ahead. The Committee will have eight boaters, and seven people representing government entities. You can find the short, two-page application online. Just click on this LINK, download the form and then mail or fax it to the Recreational and Conservation Office before the March 25 deadline. ... oating.doc
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