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Fishing Report Neah Bay

Discussion in 'Clallam County' started by James Doros, May 3, 1998.

  1. David Scaggs

    David Scaggs Guest

    Heading to Neah Bay next week. I have a question. Is it going to be faster to hit the ferry at Kingston or drive around and up through Tacoma or maybe all the way around and up along the coast. I hear they are banging big lings off Duncan Rock. Has anyone fished there lately? I guess I will find out soon. WAAAAHOOOOOO 10 days left.
  2. David Scaggs

    David Scaggs Guest

    Had a great time at Neah Bay. We fished 3 days and no one died or sank. The first day we blew out to Tatoosh but could not make it to the outside because of a wall of nastiness at the slot. We sayed just inside and caught yellow eyes and canaries all day. The tide was running hot and my motor was sick so we decided to hang out in the happy zone. On the way back we tried for halibut just off of Waadah and banged something real big in about 200 ft water. After 1/2 hour of grunting, my 80# gave way and that was it. Oh well couldn't keep it anyway. We had 1 limit with 3 people and were a little bummed so we headed in to the Mayden for a big old burger and a malt. Day 2, Jeff at Big Salmon told us to go to Sail Rock to bang blacks in the kelp. So, we hedded out about 1 mile and did ok. It took 4 hours to catch 1 big ling and 6 blacks. That was not what I was looking for. We were bumbed again and headed in for another burger. About 4:00 the same day and a case of pepsi later, I was breathing fire and ready to rumble, so two of us headed out to play. First stop....... anywhere but the hotel. Blew past Waadah and I won the coin toss so we were headed out. One half mile mile out the fog and wind changed my mind. WE decided to fish the kelp line along the edge next to the breakwater. After working our way in way too deep we stared throwing worms. One half hour later all hell breaks loose and the bite is on!!!! Got our limit on blacks and 4 were well over 8#. On the last 2 cast for the day I hooked up somthing big. We were using light trout gear, as all true men do, and 2 minutes later my reel was hot and out of line. This was the perfect ending to the day. As we were getting ready to head back I decided to throw one more worm and it happened again. My reel was smokin and as it went under the boat my buddy identified it as at least 4 ft long and maybe as big around as a volleyball. Big bad ling on troutgear..................... Life doesn't get any better that that. We lost that one too but that's not why I was there, (was it?. The third day we were ready to take on the WORLD. First stop, I wanted my jig back from that ling. We fished for better than 10 hours. We had a blast in and around that kelp bed. We took our limit of bass and 3 lings and ended up just drifting around the kelp for hours doing absolutely nothing. Everything good in life can be found drifting the kelp at Neah Bay. If you have not been there, you will never know the true meaning of life. Give Big Salmon a call and they will make your life complete.
  3. Went up Neah Bay for opening week of season. Had planned to be up there Monday night but weather was so nasty I knew we would not be able to fish on Tuesday so we delayed a day. On Wednsday we fished inside straight because it was really big outside. We are talkin 17-20 footers with 15-25 knot winds. We managed to get our two fish, but were suprisingly small for being caught in Strait. One at Garbage dump and one right out in front of Waadah! Both about 25#'s. On Thursday it was calm enough to get out to Swiftsure. It got better as day went on I heard. We got a 30# and 40# in about an hour and were back fishing Lings aroung Duncan Rock in no time. Also limit on Lings every day. Friday went to swiftsure again and it was really easy run. Took about hour and a half for limits There. This time 25# and 35# so we headed home and the rains came just as we pulled boat out of water. Be back up there in Two Weeks!
  4. Thomas Kintz

    Thomas Kintz Guest

    Fished 46 miles out of Neah Bay, limited both days 13th and the 14th same spot. Canada watres, Halibut.Fish sunday for silversd catch and relas. got limites .
  5. We did early May halibut at Neah Bay in our boat Roll The Bones. We fished Canadian side of Swiftsure and also US side. Limits were the rule but fish were small with the biggest being 35#'s and lots of 15#-25# fish. All mostly caught on herring and two on Jigs. We even caught one just about 7#'s that we released! Wierd never seen one that small. He was kinda cute though, but still had a mean streak! A note I must add which is kinda neat, we caught an abundance of Pacific true cod. Big ones up to 15#'s and lots of rock fish! Lings were also cooperating in deep water. No dogfish to speak of although it is still early so we got away with using bait. B-2 glow squid worked on those which were caught on Artificials. We will be up there Early June to do Some Salmon also!
  6. Hit Neah Bay again on the 3rd and 4th of August. We got our limit of halibut on the one day opener of the 3rd at Swiftshore, and stopped about half way in, to limit out on silvers. The next day on the 4th, we hit the outside of Tatoosh, and while drifting along, began picking up silvers. We hit one king on a jig only 20 feet out that was 18 pounds. A nice bonus. We then hit a rip at the whistle buoy and it was fantastic. Each time we went through it, we had a triple hook up. Overall action was fantastic. ratio of native silvers to hatchery was about two natives to each hatchery. Size on hatchery fish went 5 - 8 pounds!
  7. Well, we decided to give old Neah another try this last weekend and headed up from Bremerton on Friday afternoon. We were able to get out on the water friday evening, but it was choppy and foggy. Made it out to the whistle buoy, but couldn't find any fish. Tried again on Saturday morning with the winds and chop and had no trouble finding coho, but had a high degree of difficulty finding ones with the missing fin. The ration of native to hatchery coho was 8 to 1. The size range was 6-10 pounds with a couple going to 12-14 pounds. The schools were not as thick as a couple of weeks before, so we had to troll instead of finding them and jigging. On Sunday, the weather turned great and so did the fishing, however we still had the same problem of the high ratio of native fish to hatchery fish. Our most productive method of fishing was a cut plug herring behind four ounces of lead, and a Hot Spot Flasher with coyotte spoon in rainbow color.
  8. Got there Thursday too late to fish and the weather was crappy. We got camp setup just in time for a major rain squall. Some of the guys were there with their tents and tarps already setup. There were no shortage of tarps in camp and we stood around huddled under them wondering if the weather would give us a break for the much anticipated trip to Swiftsure bank in the morning. Crazy Avis served up a great taco feast. After a few tacos and cold brews, we swapped a few camp stories and retired. 4:30 am Friday morning and the weather was looking good for the trip out. The crew gathered and headed for the boats. We all made it to Swiftsure bank; Other than a thick layer of fog on the bank, the weather was looking ok and the ocean conditions were fair. The Crazy Avis boated 4 halibut two of which were small keepers and a slew of dogfish. At around 10:30 the Gamefishin armada decided to leave the bank. The Merciless (John and crew) and the Crazy Avis (Bruce and crew) parted ways with the other boats and headed for some lings and sea bass. By mid day the fog had cleared and the weather was cooperating. We fished until late afternoon and ended up boating just short of a limit of Lings, Sea Bass and Cabezon. Saturday the weather had taken a turn for the worse. The Gamefishin armada decided to fish the inside of the straits for some halibut. Water conditions inside were decent and the weather was fair but gradually getting worse. The water currents inside were perfect for a halibut drift. After arriving at the halibut spot, I positioned our group directly on the spot that I had marked on my GPS. This was the same spot where we caught some good fish in the past which included Plunkers 62lb halibut in 2000. Shortly after making our drop to the bottom in about 225ft of water, I heard some commotion on the Joy boat (Brian and crew). FISH ON! Brian’s dad Bill had one on. After a good battle to the surface I see Fish Guy Keith poised with the harpoon, shortly after that all I could see was a huge fish thrashing next to their boat and a bunch of hooping and hollering. A 71 pound brut of a butt! We fished for a couple of hours. The Crazy Avis boated another small halibut, Gman and crew reported catching an octopus and a nice True Cod. By mid day the weather was ugly, we headed for the marina to check out Bill’s halibut. After a short break on the dock the weather looked like it might be getting better and we headed back out. Shortly after getting back on the water we realized that the weather and ocean conditions were just too ugly for a trip out of the straits, so we fished inside. Soon the weather was just too much and we headed for land and cover. Sunday morning and the weather looks great! The sun was coming out and no wind or rain. Other than some big ocean swells that were just right for a little sea sickness, the water looked good and we headed out for a day of bottom fishin. Gman and Brian’s boats decided to get an early start. Crazy Avis and The Merciless crew opted for a little more sleep. We met up with Brian’s boat at around 7:30 am. They reported slow fishing and had decided to head for calmer water inside the straits. Fishing continued to be slow and my depth finder had finally kicked the bucket which made it even tougher to find the fish. We fished some spots that were known to hold fish and John had reported seeing some fish on his screen. By late morning The Merciless and crew had decided to head for the inside, we opted to continue fishing for awhile hoping to find some fish. After a few hours and a few fish in the boat, I had decided to head back to the spot where John spotted the fish. Soon after making a couple of drifts we were into them and we begin boating some huge Sea Bass. By mid afternoon the big swells were getting the best of Avis, but she insisted that under no circumstances would she let me take her in. With her head in her lap and her rod in her hands she continued to get some fish in the boat. Soon we had a boat limit of 40 nice Sea Bass. We pondered the thought of targeting some lingcod but decided against it and headed in with our limit of bass. The remainder of the afternoon the weather was awesome, we just milled around on the docks and in camp. Meet up with Seabear at his boat traded stories for a little while and wished we didn’t have to go home so soon… All in all we had a great time and caught some nice fish. Can’t wait till next year!

    DUSTOFF Guest

    Fished from 18-21 June for Halibut. Fishing was good the first couple of days then got, what would be considered slow for halibut out at Swiftsure. We came home with 8 halibut and a ton of assorted bottom fish. Overall good trip.
  10. dave

    dave Guest

    Fished/trolled late PM on 7/3 between NB and shaker king and one rock fish....way tooo windy. Early AM on 7/4....went out 5-7 mile SW of Tatoosh....150-175ft water....marked lots of fish.... within 30 min caught 3 kings (let a small one go) and kept a 11# and a (marked)17#. Lots of small 3-5# silvers....
    Also got two Lings and 6 Rockfish (all were 5-8lbs!)
    The seas were calmer than Lake Washington!!
    PS....did see a 58# KING (MONSTER) brought to the dock on 7/3.....biggest king I've ever seen in person.
  11. Dehlan

    Dehlan Guest

  12. Big Salmon resort in Neah Bay has new operators. Joey and Dawn Lawrence and family have taken over and really changed things for the better and are very helpful and friendly. They've repaired the gas docks and put in new pumps, rearranged the store and added more stock and hired some new help and are open from 4:30am to 10:00pm during spring and summer. Joey and his son both own big commercial fishing boats so they know what it's all about. It's great to have good people running the place.
    Now for the fishing: My wife and I have been fishing there every spring for the past few years and used to only dream of this kind of fishing. Seeing whales and eagles come right up next to the boat is awesome (kind of a spiritual experience), and our elderly friends and relatives love it when we bring home lots of fresh filets. Ralph, the fish cleaning guy at the dock does such a great job for so little money and is so fast(10 seconds per fish average)that all we have to do is trim the brown fat and what few bones there are left off the filets and vacuum pack them right on the boat and put them in Big Salmons freezer until we get ready to go home, of coarse we keep a few out and fire up the alcohol stove and fry them in butter with a little Johnny's seasoning and YUMM!
    This year, we've fished every weekend since april 1st and have limited out on everything that is legal and the more that opens the more we limit out on. During all of this we have hooked into some big halibut in some strange places but couldn't keep them because it wasn't open yet(catch and release, great fun but an hours worth of hard work just to let it go will make you insane, and yes I did take pictures). Tomorrow, however, if we catch one as long as the boat is wide we're not letting it go. If we can find that big monster again we might have a chance in the derby at Big Salmon, (sounds like a fish story in the making). God bless your fishin'
  13. Fished Neah Bay on the out side for Chinook had three take downs landed two, one 21 LBs and 17 LBs after bite fell off went after lings sea bass with limts on black bass and a few nice ling cod.
  14. Doug

    Doug Guest

    Wife, grandson and I had a great week at Big Salmon Resort fishing off of our 25 Trophy. Limits of Pinks daily and four nice Kings off of Waddah Is before 6 AM. Lots of Sea Bass and Lings as well.
  15. Gerald Allen

    Gerald Allen Guest

    Me, my dad, and nephews fished Umatilla Reef. Limited out on bottom fish both days. Fishing in water between 90 to 10/
    0 feet using shrimp fly rig with a pipe jig on the bottom.
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