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Discussion in 'Clallam County' started by James Doros, May 3, 1998.

  1. James Doros

    James Doros Guest

    Fishing at Neah Bay over the opener was productive for those who put in the time and didn't get distracted. After a few hours of nothing I wanted to go to Bamfield and have breakfast but my crew wouldn't allow it. One was scared to go any further out. The other insisted there were halibut there if we were just patient. As the debate raged, George, the fisherman, hooked into a flatty and there we stayed till 4:00 P.M. hooking one every two hours. The next day was even slower. But the weather held and, even though we were a small 19 foot Glassply challenging the mighty Pacific, we got through the weekend without ever getting seriously scared. Perhaps it was the refreshments!! We tied up behind Jim and Bruce, the gamefishin crew, and hope to spend more time with those guys on another outing. They got out earlier each morning than we did, but we stayed later. We had most of our success on octopus and herring, although we did get on or two on jigs. 275 feet. I suppose the radical tides had something to do with the slow fishing, or are we fishing out the new fishery that we have developed to replace the sport salmon fishery?? It is now Monday, we put up 125 lbs of fillets, and as I stood in the shower I was still rockin and rollin. Maybe it's the refreshments!! In two weeks the deep sea halibut boat becomes a shrimper in Hood Canal. I sure do love the Pacific Northwest!!!
  2. Jim Evans

    Jim Evans Guest

    May first seemed a long time in coming. It was the opener for halibut season and we were anxious to get started. Halibut fishing is an annual event for us and since it is an extremely short season we were hoping for good weather and funtastic fishing. We arrived at Neah Bay the night before the opener. I was fishing with my good friend Bruce. We launched and moored the boat, arranged all of our fishing goodies and went to sleep with visions of extremely large halibut just sitting out there waiting for us. We arose at 5:00 the next morning ready to catch the perverbial BIG ONE. We started out to Swiftshir bank, a fishing area in the Pacific ocean, about 20 miles out to sea from Neah Bay. We hadn't gone far when we ran into a fog bank that limited visibility to about 50 yards. This put us at a little of a disadvantage; we didn't have a GPS and were planning on following the other boats out to Swiftshir. Not only was it extremely foggy but the humidity had our windshield so fogged up it was like staring into a wall. We would not be detered, we started following one of the boats out with me standing outside of the cabin telling Bruce which way to go. For Bruce it was just about like driving a tank with the guy up above giving you directions with taps on your shoulders. It was quite a humbling experience. We made it out to Swiftshire and started fishing and finally hit a halibut at around 11:00 am.. It was a small one, about 15 pounds, we caught it on squid. We fished until about 1:00, with no additional action, and decided to head back in and try our luck with the ling cod and rock fish. We were not to be denied, by 3:00 we had limits of black rock fish and were catching and releasing. We were catching them on 1 oz. jigs with a white 4" curly tail grub. We also caught a few other varieties of rock fish and a few small ling cod. That was about it for day one. The next morning we headed out after the halibut again. The fog had gone away but this day we had to deal with rough water. It wasn't extremely bad but required some pretty slick boat maneuvering by Bruce. We fished until about 12:00 for the halibut this day and ended up with one fish which weighed 27 pounds. Not the best halibut fishing we have had at Neah Bay but we sure had a wonderful time. We finished the day off with another round of rock fish and ling cod. We fished the next day for rock fish and ling cod with great success, halibut was closed that day. To sum it all up; we caught some halibut, tons of rock fish, some nice ling cod and assorted other rock fish, the weather was pretty darn glorious for this time of year, we met some pretty cool new friends, Jim Doros for one. Jim and his crew caught some pretty nice halibut (and we were pretty darn jealous). Jim's report is also listed here (look for the pictures of Jim's catch on, it will be there in the very short future). We had great food, wonderful refreshments and I can't wait to go back.
  3. Mike22q

    Mike22q Guest

    Well, I was up there last weekend, and we racked out on silvers. Most were small, but a few were over 10 pounds. We caught most by tatoosh, but they are everywhere.
  4. James Doros

    James Doros Guest

    We hit Swiftsure on the Canada side on Sunday, August 23 and again on Tuesday August 25 as we were passing through from Neah Bay to Uculet and back. Lots of water to cover on that trip for a 19 foot Glassply but all went well. We got a small--15 pound halibut on the way over and picked up 2 35 pounders in 250 feet of water on mackeral fillets on our way back. A charter from Port Renfrow was out there as well as a couple other boats and we saw fish being caught. Mayby one for every hour and half of effort. The best part of the show was the performance put on by the grey whales. One was coming clear out of the water, kind of like a giant frisky silver. When it wasn't jumping out of the water it was slapping it's tale over and over again. From our vantage point a mile or so away, I'd say good luck against those guys, Makahs!

    We saw fish taken at Uculet and got a couple of small ones ourselves, but it was mainly a good boat ride. Bamfield is worth a visit to any hearty saltwater fishers with boats big enough to make the 35 mile crossing and with time enough to wait out the weather for the return trip.
  5. After fishing at Sekiu the prior evening 9/4 and having no luck. We decided to try our luck on the bottom fish. We started fishing at around 9:30am around Tatoosh. It wasn’t long before we were on the fish. We were fishing in about 100ft of water using hole herring and rubber jigs. After catching a lot of Black sea bass and an occasional Ling Cod, we managed to lose all of our bait and jigs. With no more bait or jigs to tie on my line I decided to search through the depths of my tackle box. I came across a very big spinner bait that I had used for Muskie fishing in August. I decided to give it a try. Using 8 ounces of lead and this big spinner bait, I went to the bottom in 120ft of water. After only 3 minutes or so WHAM I had one on and it was big. I was using 60 pound tuff line and 60 pound mono for leader and this fish was not coming up. After a forty five minute fight and some sore arm my line went limp. I reeled up and my lure was still attached. After inspecting the big spinner bait I discovered that it had a very straight hook. I am assuming that I had a big Halibut on, but I really don’t know for sure. All I know is that it was very big and strong. We fished for the rest of the weekend and did very well. I love fishing at Neah Bay.
  6. Jim Evans

    Jim Evans Guest

    We were looking forward, as usual, to our annual halibut trip to Neah Bay. We were feeling pretty good about this year; we were better equipped with new electronics, the fishing was suppossed to be a better than average this year, and we had found a couple of new spots the last time out and were looking forward to trying them again. So, at 5:00 on Friday we had the gang all together and headed out.

    Halibut season opened on Saturday, May 1 and is closed on Sundays and Mondays. We arrived the night before the opener and planned to fish halibut on Saturday, ling cod and rock fish on Sunday and Monday, and then a half a day of halibut on Tuesday and a late trip home that day. We started the day out on Saturday trying to make it to Swiftsire bank; this was our halibut fishing spot for the day. Swiftsire is about twelve miles offshore and normally takes about an hour and a half to get there. We fought with the tides and wind for about two hours that morning and were only about half way there. In addition, the water was pretty bad with six to eight foot seas and a three foot chop. With discretion and much disappointment we decided that we would head back in and fish spots we had found the year before. These areas were closer to shore and provided some protection from the large ocean that day.

    We finally started fishing around 10:30 that morning. As soon as my bait hit the bottom on the first cast I hooked into a very large fish. it was a halibut. I fought it for about fifteen minutes and finally landed a 60 pound class halibut. We fought with a heck of a lot of rain that day and ended up with a respectible number of ling cod and rock fish and the halibut. On the second day we headed back to the same spot. My bait hadn't been down for ten minutes when I hooked into another large fish. Another halibut I imagine. After about fifteen minutes of struggling with the brute my line broke. We had pretty good weather that day and caught a boat load of ling cod and rock fish.

    On the third day we planned on duplicating the day before. We got to the dock that morning, started the boat and was ready to leave when the steering on our boat broke. After some investigation we decided that we were not going to be able to fix it ourselves and decided to call the trip over. Unfortunately we had just left the "Big Salmon" bait store at the marina and had spent somewhere in the neighborhood of $120.00 on bait and tackle that morning. We figured we were Ok though, we haden't been out of the store for more than 10 minutes and were sure that they would take it all back for a refund. We headed back up to the store the explain our plight. Well, to our surprise not only would the store not take the highly overpriced tackle back but they were quite rude in the process.

    Now this is very interesting to me. We had two boats with us and a total of eight guys. With fuel, bait, tackle, launching, mooring and other items purchased in their store we spent approximately $1200.00 that weekend. In addition, we usually make it to Neah Bay at least three times per year and use the store there for most of our fishing purchases during the trips. I would say that I personally spend $1000.00 there in a fishing season. And with all of this business the best we could get from the folks at the Big Salmon store in Neah Bay was a bad attitude and a hard time.

    I can tell you this. I will certainly continue to fish Neah Bay. I believe it to be one of the richest fisheries in the country and ceratinly the richest on the West Coast. However, from this point on I will do absolutely anything and everything I can, even if I have to go out of my way, to boycott the Big Salmon marina store in Neah Bay..
  7. Momoclark

    Momoclark Guest

    Went to the canadian side of swiftsure bank for the weekend the 9th 10th water was pretty bad on sat. couldnt keep the bait on the bottom, only 1 halibut 14lbs. Decided to go shallower and catch some rockfish and did pretty well. Sun. we fished closer to Vancouver is. in about 60 ft of water and limmited on lings to about 13lbs, then back out to swiftsure and did well on rockfish.
  8. We went out to swiftsure bank on the Southwest end. The water was pretty good for fishing. We fished in 300-400 feet of water. Jim put a flounder in the boat after a couple of hours. The fishing was very slow so we decided to move in and start filling the boat, and that is what happened. We were south of Tattosh close to the point of arches. We tried several depths from 40-100 feet of water and found that we were having better fishing in 60 feet of water. Using 6 oz. of lead and a cable leader. There was four of us on the boat and we got our limit of lings and close to our limit on bass on Saturday. We went out Sunday till 2:00 and had our limits on lings again and a bunch-o-bass! There's nothing better than good fishing, and good friends! Have a good time keep em tight - Guy
  9. Kent Dunnam

    Kent Dunnam Guest

    My son Jeff and I spent June 7 fishing with with the crew of the SATIN DOll II out of Neah BAY. Had a great group of people on board (just six) and the fishing was great. We fished on the Canadian side of Swiftsure Bank and I don't think there was a fish under 30 pounds brought on board. Everyone caught their two halibut and several yelloweye over 15 pounds were caught. Jeff caught halibut of 70 and 40 pounds that day--mine weighed in at 55 and 45 pounds--did catch a yelloweye that was 20 pounds and great eating. We have been fishing at Neah Bay for the last 17 years and really enjoy the place. Fishing is good and the dock facilities are now super (I bring my own boat over in late June or July --25ft Bayliner). I also have found Big Salmon Charters to be very helpful in every way and usually store my fish with them. See ya when salmon season starts.
  10. DrewHaf

    DrewHaf Guest

    Neah Bay, Tuesday July 20th was the 2nd day of the salmon opener. Two of us trolled dodgers and hoochies with a fillet behind 4-6 ounzes of lead. Depths 10-60 feet, in 200-500 feet of water. Silvers were around, but not thick yet, and there were lots of pinks in the area. We didn't hit the water until 8am, but in 5 hours we had a 3 pinks and a clipped coho. We also released 4 more wild silvers (by law), and had several baits stolen and 2 breakoffs. (Don't use cheap swivels.) This was medium-slow for NB, but it should be heating up to nonstop action within days. Excellent visibility for SCUBA, and lots of seabass around 16" in the kelp. go, Drew
  11. Mike22q

    Mike22q Guest

    I just got back from Neah Bay Sunday, the 22nd of August. Silver fishing is a little slower than usual ( I should know I have been there the past 4 weekends ) but we loaded up on seabass and lings, our biggest being 20lb ling and 7lb seabass. The coho this year have been native 5 to 1 about, biggest we've caught so far is 12lb hatchery. Buzz bombs are particularly hot when you get into the think of them, use a 3XH or 4W pink or green. Trolling with herring also works good, try a fast troll for bigger fish, it sounds crazy but works really well. See you there next week!
  12. Kent Dunnam

    Kent Dunnam Guest

    Took the whole family out to Neah Bay and had a great time. Fished on Aug. 25, 26, 27. The silvers are still running about 5 to 1 wild stock but are sure fun to catch. Had to work to get our two hatchery silvers, but ran down to area three and the fishing was good on the 25th and 26th, slowed down on the 27 th and we came back to about three miles off Tatoosh and did well. No big fish - ran from six to 10 lbs. Caugh most trolling but had great luck mooching later in the day at about 85 ft.--larger fish. Enjoyed the parade on Sat and was glad we were not out on Sun.-- bad weather and the fishing was a bit slower from all reports.
  13. This happened to my friend and me, the names will not be provided to protect the innocent. While drifting along, without a care in the world, something heavy grabbed my friend's herring. As he lifted and cranked, lifted and cranked, he complained about the dead weight, how heavy it was, but how it didn't seem to be alive. We thought he had snagged a lifeless piece of something. Soon, however, a rather large octopus was at our craft. We really didn't know what we were doing, so I netted the critter and plopped it into the bottom of the boat. The central body of this thing was as big as a basketball, but within seconds it has slipped through one of the 3 inch by 3 inch holes in the net. Soon, everything in the boat seemed to have a tentacle-covered arm attached to it. Purple fluid was being propelled into the boat. We frantically each grabbed our fish bonking clubs and began wildly thumping the monsrous critter as hard as we could. This proved to have no affect on the beast. We then each grabbed our fillet knives and began stabbing the monster. I don't know for sure how we kept from slicing each other to bits, but we finally put the huge beast out of its misery. Later, the critter didn't taste all that bad, although it was rather chewy. In the future, we will think twice before bringing an eight foot across octopod into the boat with us. - Afraid for a few minutes off of Neah Bay
  14. David Scaggs

    David Scaggs Guest

    I just talked to a bunch of people that were hitting 60# and 70 just off the tip of the first island. I think it is Wadda Island 200 ft on herring. People don't get into this posting stuff to much. To bad it could be a good thing for everyone. Is anyone fishing Neah Bay in June. I am going over 21 on and it should be great fishing. Working the Dump and around dunken rock about 400 ft. They have great blacks and lings just outside the slot on the left. You must go outside to get anything of any size. Later
  15. I arrived at The Cape Motel and campground at Neah Bay at 1:00 PM Thursday May 25th thinking that I might be late but to my relief Bruce and Jimbo were still in route. About 1/2 hour later everyone rolled in. We quickly checked in, made camp, launched the boats and got out on the water by 3:30 or 4:00 PM. We were just out for the Halibut. The entire party included Bruce, Crazy Avis and their daughters Nichole and Shannon, myself, Jimbo, and also John, Ken and Keith who came from as far as the Dakotas and Wyoming. We all gathered together for two purposes, to have fun and to get fish. I can report that we did both. Before heading out we talked to Marv Seda the owner of Big Salmon Fishing Resort and he gave us some up to date information about the hot spots and we followed his advice. We went about 1-1/2 miles straight out from the marina looking for 180-220 feet of water and drifted east with the incoming tide. John and I went out with Bruce and Ken and Keith went out with Jimbo. The water was perfect. We dropped our lines with 2-3 Lbs. of weight off spreader bars with herring on wire leaders and within ten minutes John had a hard hit but no hook-up. He replaced the shredded remains with a new herring and dropped it out again. We had a couple more bites with no hookups and noticed that they were fighting a major fish on Jimbo's boat. After ten or twenty minutes of hard play they were handing the pole around to keep a fresh player on the fish. It looked liked they might have hooked a 1250 Lb. Halibut. They fought and fought but in the end it seems that they had hung up on the bottom and they broke off the gear. It was a good show. After that things slowed down for a bit and I put my pole in the holder to plunk along while I took a smoke break. Half way through the break the rod started to bounce so I grabbed it and lifted hard to see what was up. Nothing budged. Another 1250 Lb. Halibut? I thought so until the bottom began to methodically tug on my rod and then start taking line. It was a fish. Twenty minutes later a 62 Lb. Halibut came to the side of the boat. Bruce speared it right behind the head severing the nervous system so well that when it was brought on board it never even quivered. A few minutes later John brought in a 15-20 Lb. Chicken. Shortly after that Bruce had a major bite and set the line hard (perhaps to hard) because the fish (which must have been huge) didn't budge but retaliated with a counter pull in the other direction breaking the 80 Lb. test line. We had a couple more bites but the only other hookup was a Quillback Rockfish. It got late so we headed in after a great first day. Friday and Saturday were much the same. Lots of rain and too much wind. We tried back trolling, powering into the wind and anchoring in protected water for bass but nothing seemed to beat the power of Mother Nature. The wind did lighten enough to get a couple of hours of good Halibut fishing Saturday evening but the fish were either gone or not biting. All we caught for two days fishing were another Quillback and a few of Bass. The Halibut opening ended Saturday night. Sunday was much better. The wind calmed enough to make it around Tatoosh Island and the cape to better spots. Bruce took Ken and myself out on the Crazy Avis and John and Keith went out with Jimbo. We started at a reef near a geological formation called the Sluff Off looking for Ling. The Cabezon were the hot ticket there. In a couple of hours we had about seven of them, all good sized, three or four rockfish and a couple of small Ling plus one keeper. Wondering how Jimbo was doing, we headed further down the coast to check but were unable to locate him so we decided to try for Sea Bass near Strawberry Rock on the south side of Makah Bay. After twenty or thirty minutes we had a solid limit so we went back out looking for more Ling. We worked another reef near the Sluff Off and caught another nice ling and decided to try for the huge Yellow Eye Rockfish that hang out in about three hundred feet of water near Duncan Rock north of Tatoosh. The current there was too strong to get to the bottom so we went in short one Ling. Jimbo was already at the dock with three Ling and a limit of Bass but even short one Ling we were happy. We had a wheelbarrow full of fish. We had just enough time to fish for a few hours Monday before heading home so we did. Bruce with Ken and myself onboard headed just past Strawberry Rock. The bite was a little slow but after about two or three hours we had a limit of good sized Ling, more large Cabezon and some huge Bass. Jimbo's boat had three ling (one really nice one) and a limit of Bass by then so he headed for the dock. We still needed more Bass so we went in to the kelp bed for about fifteen minutes and caught a bunch of them. We knew we were close to the limit but didn't want to waste time counting in order to even it out so we went in. If we had stayed five more minutes we would have been over and the enforcement officer who checked our catch at the dock may not have been as friendly as he was. We had twenty-four Bass and were content with the number. We had another wheelbarrow's worth of fish. In spite of the rain, wind and wet tents we had fun and we each brought home full coolers of some of the best eating fish you can get. This was a great fishing weekend spent with some great fishermen. My thanks to Bruce for making it happen and to Crazy Avis, Nichole and Shannon for their help in making it fun. Fish on! - Plunker
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