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Fishing Report Narrows Bridge

Discussion in 'Pierce County' started by Telki, May 28, 2004.

  1. Telki

    Telki Guest

    Fished the east side of the Narrow's today with Easy Limits this morning. We were targeting Lingcod. We launched shortly before low tide and fished through low, slack, and part of the incoming tide.

    Live herring under a 3oz sinker was what got us fish. I caught a 25" Ling (my first!) which had to be released for being under length. That was the only ling we caught. We each caught a rockfish and I happened upon a sculpin that was so fat it looked more like a blown up puffer fish.

    Aside from Easy trying to kill me after I got the Ling (tried to hook me behind the head and when that didn't work he smacked me in the side of the head with a 3oz sinker!) it was pretty uneventful. Weather was gusty and seas were a little rough.
  2. justin

    justin Guest

    went down this evening on the tacoma side just about half way between the bridge and titlow park fished from 7pm til 8pm caught about 12 little silvers about 12" and on my third cast landed a 7lb silver, off the bank
  3. John

    John Guest

    We fished the A.M. tide in MA.13 just So. of the Narrows. Fishing has been slow here all winter and although the weather was great, the fishing was not. We got skunked and saw nothing caught all morning.

    I did well fishing here at this time last year limiting on several trips out but this year the blackmouth fishing had been abysmal in MA.13 and, MA.11 to for that matter.
  4. jayyyy

    jayyyy Guest

    ok, me and my dad and my step mom went way south of the narrows where the mouth of chambers creek hits puget sound caught about 20 fish no salmon 2 flounder one about 20 inches! and a bunch of bullfish but we did have a big salmon hit on my step moms pole......HER LINE SNAPED!!!!!!! AH!
    but good day
  5. My son and I went fishing today in Area-13 for Lingcod. We jigged our lures until our arms fell off. I saw three seals swim past our boat therefore I put a plugged herring on. I placed my rod in a rod holder and dropped the herring 10ft from the bottom. Ten minutes later I get a monster hit that sends my pole in a frenzy. I thought it was the biggest lingcod ever but it ended up being a 17lb chrome bright King. It was hatchery and yes a keeper. I was only fishing in 70ft of water. Good Luck!
  6. josh

    josh Guest

    went to the sleilacoom ferry dock yesterday and limited out on rock crab in about a hour... crabing is good right now! used trout as bait and it seems to work alot better!
  7. nofish

    nofish Guest

    Fished the west side of the bridge on the out going tide at Narrows park. Didn't get a single hit. One guy caught a coho about 10" which he released. That was it for 3 hours. I then drove to the Nisqually and fished the Mounts Rd bridge military side for 3 more hours but nothing happening there either. Good luck to everyone.
  8. Hawk

    Hawk Guest

    It's been hot for pinks in Area#13 between Solo Point and the mouth of the Nisqually River. Try fishing near shore with anything pink, especially hoochies. I've been catching my limits in 2 hrs or less.
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