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Fishing Report Muck Creek

Discussion in 'Pierce County' started by Nick, Dec 14, 2003.

  1. Nick

    Nick Guest

    No fish seen. Just a trickle of water in the creek from mouth to Brandenburg marsh.
  2. goog2go

    goog2go Guest

    This wasnt actually muck creek but minter creek. did some scouting saw 1 salmon in about 15 minutes, opening on the creek gonna be a bit slow i think
  3. petfisher

    petfisher Guest

    Minter creek at low tide. Some chums coming in; but bulk of fish still not in. Landed one, fish moving, but still kind of quiet
  4. fishsmoker

    fishsmoker Guest

    went there about 1030 and there was about 10 guys trying to fish right buy the hatchery but didnt see action anywere else
  5. Tim

    Tim Guest

    Went to the creek around 7 am and there were some fish in not much the bulk of the run has not came in yet i left with one fish at around 4pm. please do not fish under the rope there. or keep any snag fish.
  6. novatron5000

    novatron5000 Guest

    The chum are in Thick at minter creek. Took home my limit of 4 nice chrome chum hens. Although it is a snagfest as well wish a game warden was there so many people snaging.
  7. Chum-Berlain

    Chum-Berlain Guest

    Minter Creek is hot on low tide.Lots of Chum Salmons. "CHUM-PION".
  8. jddjgnfishin

    jddjgnfishin Guest

    Minter Creek: 10 AM - 4 PM.
    Started slow @ high tide & then picked up fast as the tide went out. Water was really moving & the tide went out pretty fast. Foul hooked & released a few, lost about 6-8 leaders & was using 20/15 Maxima ultragreen. Never had that problem before. Used 12 lb last year & landed more than I can count. I figured out the problem, fixed it & no more lost gear. (Not a good idea to use line more than a couple of times if you want to land big fish).

    As far as fish go, the ones I foul hooked were pretty dark. The two I hooked legally were still flashing their ocean chrome along w/ some sea lice. Very nice fish easily 10-15 lbs a piece.
  9. OLDMAN37

    OLDMAN37 Guest

    Head down to Minter Creek at 4am. Fished the same spot and caught my limits. The good thing about this place is that I can take my time to choose the nice ones. Fish are stacked. But the bad thing is that the fish here doesn't fight like at the skok. They are much smaller. Good Luck! Fish On!
  10. kfrancis

    kfrancis Guest

    Fished minter creek (why is there no way to actually post for minter creek?) From 5:30 to 9:30... landed a 13lb buck within the first 10 mins, and another little 4 pound hen within the next ten, I was then promptly crowded out by some very polite yet rude people... didn't hook into anymore fish after that
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