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M's resign lefty Horacio Ramirez

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For 2.75 million.. Ho-Ram will add depth in the competition for the 5th starter. I'm sure with new pitching coach Mel Stottlemyre, Ramirez will be an upgrade over last years version of himself.
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Maybe, it is more of an insurance policy in case the Bedard trade doesn't go through. The M's have until mid March if they want to cut Ramirez and they would be on the hook for 1/6 of his salary so it really isn't a big deal.
Career 3.83 in the AL is pretty good. Anything under 4.25 these days is All Star type numbers. Plus he is young and left handed which is a bonus. Also he has improved every year pitching in a band box for a poor team in Baltimore. We aren't going to get Santana and he won't come here anyway. Starting pitchers don't become available through free agency until they are in decline and our farm system isn't exactly churning them out either.
I understand your point. I guess it depends on where the Mariners think they are. Meaning, if they think they have a legit shot to win the division by adding him, then I say yes. Also there are no guarantees on the future either. 5 years ago this organization was supposed to be stocked with can't miss prospects. Ryan Anderson and a few others that never panned out. I would do the deal if Bedard agrees to a contract extension. If he won't then I think the deal is much harder to do.
If you think you are close to making the playoffs and competing for a title, then it makes sense to trade prospects for veterans. If you aren't close, then you don't trade prospects for veterans. The problem here is that it isn't very easy to tell where the Mariners are right now. It could go either way.
If Seattle aquires Bedard then we have the best starting rotation in the AL West.
There is a small problem with your plan Dmack. You will inhibit Clements development by platooning him at DH. He would be better served to catch a full year at Tacoma. You also don't waste 1st round draft picks on DHs. Sexton might be done but he will play this year because he is getting a big chunk of change. If we don't aquire another decent starter it will be the same as last year with the bullpen burned through by August. You also are putting a lot of faith in Brandon Morrow being able to step right in and start. While he throws hard, the knock on him in college was control and there is a big difference between being able to get major league hitters out for 1 inning and being able to go through the line up 3 times over 7 innings.
A solid season for Sexton that would benefit the team would be hitting .260 with 25-30 hrs and drive in 100. The hrs and rbi's shouldn't be a problem, the average is going to be a bigger issue. If he can just get off to a decent start, I think he will be okay.
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