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haha- sounds familiar! I used to work for LabCorp, which deals with billing patients for doctor visits around the country. My job was in the special projects division, which handled all the problems, misshaps, and disagreements with billing. Alot of the time people were submitting a claim that they never went to the doctor or never had anything done, trying to get out of a bill so they shouldn't have to pay. Well, we had access to all the doctor office reqs, and usually we had a signed and dated requisition in front of us from the patient while their telling us that they werent there that day... Some of the things they would say to get out of a bill. Like, "I was definately not at the doctor that day- it could have been my twin, he has the same signature I do". Or a woman who had a pap smear done one time tried to convince me that her ex husband was stealing her identity to go into the doctor and have proceedures done on her insurance.... a pap smear huh? That doesn't even scratch the surface to some of the idiots i had to deal with, but i usually ended up getting some pretty good laughs out of it!
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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