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Oh yea, like I’m gonna fall for the old “Let’s show him the one rig you never catch fish on!” trick !!!
Thanks, but we ain’t falling for it ! :cool: ;)
Myassisdragon, Dr. Hook has been acting strange (giving out his Fishing Secrets) ever since he started this Website.
That's why we all keep coming back, to see what we can get him to confess to concerning his latest escapade.

Dr. Hook it sure is nice to see you got past that Doctor's Report back in June and are now out hitting the water with your Family!
Dr. Hook
"I'm still on the right side of the dirt! I'll know in June if I'm winning the battle, but I'm optimistic and feeling good! "

I remember when "OLD CROW" discovered Dr. Hook's odd behavior over 13 Years ago? 🤪

old crow

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Avis was on Dr Hooks butt to get his yearly check up because he was acting funny. He went to the Dr. and got all his tests done. The Doctors report was his heart and blood pressure was A-OK he wasn't acting too strange, and that he was actually in good shape for his age! The Doctor asked if he was having any problems. Dr. Hooks reply was "Hell No I Feel Great!! I even got God on my side!" The Doctor asked what do mean by God on your side? Dr. Hook replied "He turns the lights on and off for me!"
The Doctor seemed confused about this but didn't make any comment. The next day the Doctor gave Avis his report. He said that Dr. Hook appeared to be healthy for a man his age. The Doctor stated that the only weird thing was that Dr. Hook thought God was on his side!
Avis replied "OMG he's peeing in the refrigerator again!!!!"
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