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Fishing Report Minter Creek

Discussion in 'Pierce County' started by Chum-Berlain, Nov 26, 2009.

  1. bobber down

    bobber down Guest

    Fished minter today at low tide alittle slow do to the high water but still was able to kill the fish using a bobber and jig "The ONLY way to catch them there" gonna go aging tomorrow and get a few more chormers to fill the smoker
  2. chumbum

    chumbum Guest

    Went to Minter today on the outgoing tide. I pronounce it Dead On Arival. Water extremly high and dark. Very few fish left. More dead ones floating down than new ones going up.Even the rushins couldent snag anything.
  3. Got my limit in an hour , me smoke em now chief
  4. bobber down

    bobber down Guest

    Went to minter today to see if there were any fish left and there were not to many left. Looks like this will be my last time here this year
  5. Went to Minter on Wednesday Dec 6 on the outgoing tide. No new fish moving into the creek, nearly all fish are upstream and in the hatchery. Few moldy stragglers, but a couple of smokable fish active if you are persistent. I think minter is over for the year - which is odd because it usually goes another few weeks.
  6. Went back to minter today to see if it really had ended early. Lots of lethargic fish, handful of people. The usual snaggers with weighted hooks. I love this quote "I got him in the mouth, so it's not snagging".

    Anway, the fish wouldn't bit anything. Even with that, there were still a handful of folks leaving with totally bright males - they follow the zombies around like puppies.

    It truly is time for steelhead.
  7. bobber down

    bobber down Guest

    Went to minter today to see if anything was still goin up and there was nothing but a few zombies next year
  8. Swung by Minter yesterday to see if the fish were in yet. about 15 vehicles parked, so we walked out to the mudflats and back. There were a few chum in the usual holes, and there were only two guys fishing. There were about 15 other guys who were blatantly snagging. A grandpa was surpervising an urchin who was rigged to snag fish. I mean a kid of 8 or 9, who'se parents are raising the kid to snag fish. Disgusting.

    verdict? too early, maybe next week. Clearly the game warden in Kitsap hasn't showed up yet and the place is infested with snaggers who just stand over a hole, flipping a weighted treble, let it sink, and yank. Awful at its worst.
  9. black

    black Guest

  10. eric butler

    eric butler Guest

    no report
  11. Minter creek is loaded with chrome and dark chums. Check tide before you go down there. Loads of chum on high tide. Use green yarn and cookies. Tight line.
  12. TWIB

    TWIB Guest

    Went to Minter Creek today for the first time. Lots of fish in the creek . I used small float with a jig and a small piece of shrimp on the jig. Today was a good day ! : )
  13. MiddleGround

    MiddleGround Guest

    Well, didn't get to go elk hunting so I hit Minter for the first time. One word.. chaos. Lots of chum, mostly colored up but a few bright fish. I landed somewhere between 30-50, I lost count. Don't know how many hookups but I broke off at least 7 jigs. Could've gone up 15 pound leader if I'd had it. The tide comes in fast and the mud is thick so be prepared. I must have fallen on my butt five times. Slack tide seemed like the better time to fish, things slowed a bit when high tide hit. All in all a good time and a good way to spend Thanksgiving. Note: if you run jig and bobber, you only need to run your jig 8-12 inches below your float with 10 inches being about perfect. You can raise it up as the tide comes in but I did pretty good all day with about 10.
  14. bryan trent

    bryan trent Guest

    I went to minter creek today hooked about twenty chum I let theme go they were pretty dark a few bright ones were being cut lot of fish
  15. ROBR

    ROBR New Member

    Jan 27, 2014
    I went to Minter Creek on Friday, November 7. I only saw a few random fish. There were one or two guys fishing.
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