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Fishing Report Minter Creek

Discussion in 'Pierce County' started by Chum-Berlain, Nov 26, 2009.

  1. ROE

    ROE Guest

    Fished this am from legal start to 800, CnR 5 bucks, kept 4 hens, released many foul hooked fish like chumbum said. I had my line in the water as dealt with a my reel and a line twist, after I got it fixed, I retrieved my line which was in the water and had a fish foul hooked. sheesh
  2. chumbum

    chumbum Guest

    Fished Minter below the overpass today on afternoon outgoing tide. The river is still extremely high and dosnt drop down nearly as much as usual. I tried for two hours with bobber and jig.Not one take down,even with tons of fish swiming right by my rig. I switched to yarn eggs with garlic scent and killed em with that.
  3. chumbum

    chumbum Guest

    Fished Minter today on the afternoon outgoing tide.The river is finally droping back in shape but is still dark and dirty. Tried drifting yarn eggs with garlic scent just bellow the overpass but it was very crowded and totaly amature hour there ,nothing but snaggers and tangled lines. I went down streem and did quite well.Still good numbers of fairly bright fish.I will start fishing the mooring incoming tide from now on.Water should clear up enough to use bobber and jig soon.
  4. acefish

    acefish Guest

    fished minter for first time had great time cought lots fish,only bad thing didnt have much time cuase incoming tide.lots fish rolling all up down creek fouling alot but still got bitters on 2-3 inch pink streamer fly,think pink yarn do trick also.lots people at bridge up snagging fish the state game just drove by twice never stopped.
  5. chumbum

    chumbum Guest

    Fished Minter this a.m on incoming tide. Lots of fish,lots of realy bad fishermen!I bypased all the upper holes below the overpass and went down streem arraound the bend. Good fishing there, used sented red yarn then switched to a pearl headed jig with chreise maarrabou and did well with that also.If you are going to fish the upper holes leave your good pole at home.I saw three broken ones on my way out.This isnt combat fishing it is just a snagging frenzy with no respect for other peoples gear!
  6. Row

    Row Guest

    Caught two bright hens, let go some bucks and as usual several foul hooked fish. Below the bridge as near the salt as I can get. It's slippery put there watched 3 guys slop and fall and one fell into the water luckily it's only ankle deep. Be careful
  7. Did the Minter creek thing today. Took home 4 semi bright fish 2 hens and 2 bucks. They will be good smoked. Saw many fish caught legal and foul hooked. I had a total of 2 hours or so to get my limit. There are a lot of dark ones and a few bright ones mixed in. I'll hit it earlier next year if I ever go back. 3 gamies made their presense known. Everyone was respectful of each other. All in all it was a fun day.
  8. acefish

    acefish Guest

    Well hit minter again and am I glad I did it was fish on almost every cast.I cought so many arms sore most were fare but still foul hook couldn't help it was so many fish.Bait of choice was only hook and single bead ,only bad thing had tie up alot there teeth are sharp next time going use braid.
  9. Fish Slayer

    Fish Slayer Guest

    Good day on river for recreational salmon fishing. Brought a rookie out there who had trouble with the mud. Homie brought his daughter, both had a blast...worth it watching them put fish on the bank their first times out. some okay ones left in there. Only saw 2 chromers out of 100. 2 guys broke expensive rods today horsing in fish..leave the good gear at home!!
  10. chumbum

    chumbum Guest

    Fished Minter this morning on the last part of the outgoing tide and first three hours of the incoming tide. The incoming tide was more productive by far. Tried using bobber and jig but got very few take downs. Switched to drifting a smal red fly pattern up by the bridge and did well with that until the bight went off. Hardly any fresh bright fish comming in now and a lot of zombies. The run is definately petering out mabey another week or so of ok fishing.
  11. Roe

    Roe Guest

    Fished below the bridge today, not too many peeps. I had bobber down pink black with shrimp. Got one nice chromer, two half chrome. Lots of eggs.
  12. jonnyvibrax

    jonnyvibrax Guest

    Got limit in 30 min. There's 1000s of them just swimming by.
  13. jonnyvibrax

    jonnyvibrax Guest

    There are NO chrome fish left. They hardly fight and there's no challenge.
  14. chumanator

    chumanator Guest

    Fished Minter Creek today and there were a lot of dark half dead boots.
  15. Chums

    Chums Guest

    Fished past the bend today, water is blown out, lots of half rotton fish swimming up and down......runs almost year :(
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