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Fishing Report Minter Creek

Discussion in 'Pierce County' started by Chum-Berlain, Nov 26, 2009.

  1. chumbumm

    chumbumm Guest

    went to minter creek today. Not many fish in lower section of river yet, but the fish stacked up by the hatchery above the deadline were huge!! upper teens and quite a few over twenty lbs.People were fishing the kiddie pools just below the dead line.Also tried chico creek in silverdale, but the Indians had a huge prosesing boat anchored offshore and several moter boats setting nets all across the inlet. Needless to say no fish for sports fishermen .I wish I could find out what days they are netting,it is a waste of time to fish on the days that they are.
  2. Seahawks

    Seahawks Guest

    Forgot about tides so I jus took off to minter. Not a whole lot of fish(yet) but enough to get something. Got one 12lbs for the smoker. Things will pick up in a week or so, it's a new moon.
  3. chumbum

    chumbum Guest

    Hit Minter below overpass both morning incoiming and afternoon outgoing, lots of fish starting to show up,A 1/4 oz jig with chartruce maribou works great, and you dont have to snag a bunch of fish .
  4. BT

    BT Guest

    I went to minter creek today caught a 10 pound chum let 10 go not that many fish by next week it should be good
  5. Hunter

    Hunter Guest

    Fished minter for the first time today and there was some good action but not until around 4 pm when the tide got low and fish flooded downstream of the hatchery, it was a slay fest at that point. I hooked about 15 or so landing 5 but none were worth keeping except for some chrome hens I lost at the bank. Using green/chartreuse corkies or beads with or without a prawn and yarn. Good Luck!
  6. JRock

    JRock Guest

    Fished the dogs below the bridge near the bend. My friend and I got out there around 7 AM, fished until 1045 and hooked up 20 times each, landing ten each. The fishing actually seemed really slow. Most of the fish were really dark. We did not catch any nice chrome fish worth keeping, although my friend landed one really nice one. Black yarn, no corkie, leader length 3-4 foot.
  7. Not a Silver

    Not a Silver Guest

    Hit the creek again today and was a bit slower from yesterday. Caught one nice chromer like "Chasin' Tails" fish on the CHUM? thread,at the bridge. Would post picks, but haven't been aproved yet. Ran into good company again today. All in all a nice day at the creek. No disrespect "Chasin Tails" for using your handle in this report, just want to point out how sweet my fish was today.
  8. chumbum

    chumbum Guest

    Fished Minter today from the overpass down almost to the salt water. I was using a bobber and chartruse maribou jig. I caught several just bellow the overpass, but it got to crowded with amatures all casting over everyone so I went down stream.Not many fish comming up with the tides yet, most of the fish were comming down from the hatchery at low tide.Mostly friendly people but I had two guys tell me that fishing a bobber and jig was not compatable with the way they were fishing(snagging) and wanted me to leave "ther spot"
  9. chumbum

    chumbum Guest

    Fished Minter on todays incoming tide. Used bobber and pink jig, only got one ugly used up buck. Tons of fishermen about half of them bobber fishing now.Still very few fresh fish comming in with tlhe tides.Just people catching the same fish over and over again.Hope it picks up soon!!
  10. ohop joe

    ohop joe Guest

    Fished the bay out of my boat. Anchovies and bobber in 3 feet of water. Got 5 to the boat. Good times!
  11. Splitshot

    Splitshot Guest

    Crowded, crowded crowded. Fish are in but finding a honey hole is the problem. Lots of fouled fish being taken also. Crazy meat hole. Went 2/6
  12. jr

    jr Guest

    Fish this creek for the first time and it was combat fishing at its best. Lowtide came around and fishing was insane just cast and fish on! Most fish were foul hook. Landed a chrome hen. Good day of fishing.
  13. Chummer

    Chummer Guest

    Hit minter today with my brother, within 10 min we were soaked, water was extra muddy, lots of fish in the river, not too many people, we couldnt get them in today, was a weird day, i went 1/15, brother went 0/10, ripped off alot, must have been old line or something we were snapping 12lb leaders left and right
  14. Fishing King

    Fishing King Guest

    hit minter at 630 am got super wet but it was worth it me and my best friend had are limit with in hour tons of fish in the water was boiling all the way down, not a lot of people. tight lines
  15. chumbum

    chumbum Guest

    Fished Minter below over pass on afternoon outgoing tide.What a cluster -uck!!! Water was very high and fast and full of debries. A ton of fresh fish are finally comming in though. Most of the fish were laying up against the banks and in the soft water in huge pods trying to keep out of the fast flood waters. I tried drifting a bobber and jig but the fish were packed so tight I was not able to make a drift with out foul hooking them.Hope they hang arround until the water comes down!!
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