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Fishing Report Minter Creek

Discussion in 'Pierce County' started by Chum-Berlain, Nov 26, 2009.

  1. Chum-Berlain

    Chum-Berlain Guest

    Minter Creek "HOT"
    High tide - go as close as possible to the hatchery.
    Low tide - Go anywhere in the creek.

    12710 124th Avenue Court Kp N, Gig Harbor, WA‎

    Good luck
    Ron<P><font size=1>Edited by Easy Limits on 11/27/2009.</font>
  2. kfrancis

    kfrancis Guest

    Fished from 4 am to 1 pm, C&R 5 uglys below the bridge in the morning befor 9:30, moved up... It was red dawn at the hatchery but they where pulling in fresh fish, landed 2 bright hens, a 7 lb. And a 9 lb. and a couple more uglys
  3. OLDMAN37

    OLDMAN37 Guest

    Arrived @ 10:40 hrs and caught nothing. The water was too low and fish were old. 3 guys got $109 ticket for fishing near the hatchery rope. One of them was my friend. I understand if you cast over or under the hatchery rope, but there are no sign stating the distance to fish by the rope. Oh well! Should be good fishing when it's high tide. Good Luck!
  4. gofish

    gofish Guest

    minter creek, arrived at 10 left at 12, nothing one hookup though, the chum run for minter is done and over. saw one decnt fish taken, everything else was rotting off the bone
  5. Minter

    Minter Guest

    Fished on the outgoing tide. A few spurts of spawned out chums but no significant numbers. Saw no fish worth keeping. Would not waste the gas to fish here.
  6. wetwaders

    wetwaders Guest

    Fished Minter on the incoming tide. Schools of chum finding their way up to the hatchery. Green or red corky did the trick as almost everyone on the bank had a fish on. They're holding in the deep spots (which are few and far between.
  7. spokey9

    spokey9 Guest

    got on the creek around 7:30 so i could fish the tide out an back. fishing was good, but as the tide fell the hole just packed full of fish. started the morning off fishing a 2/0 hook with corky an yarn but was foul hooking to many fish. so i dropped to down to a #4 octopus hook with a #10 watermelon corky and proceded to hook probly around 70 percent of the fish in mouth or jaw (kept getting the lil hook straighten though). there was a couple hundred fish in the hole at low tide so it was impossible to fair hook'em all (even the few fly guys i saw had the same problem). lots of chromers todays, i fished til around 11:30 got my 4 hens (one nickel the others just started to color up) and released 30 or so fish. was crowded today, but i was fishing to a couple of guys that were funny as heck so it didn't matter. it was a fun day at the zoo!
  8. Fished from 10 am till 3, had plenty of hook ups although because there are so many lots of fouls. Limited out none the less. I would recommend if you fishing any of the shallows to use only one smaller corky and a light weight. Best of luck, FISH ON!!
  9. spokey69

    spokey69 Guest

    got there early. I landed over 80 fish. Everything was working. lots of chromers today. i fished til 11:31. I got my 4 hens again. It was crowded. I need to lose some weight cuz i barely got out of the mud I looked like a fat pig. Be careful.
  10. countdown

    countdown Guest

    Long trip got there around 9:15AM, Hook alot of fish (20+) took only 2 home that I liked. I didnt think it was all that crowded maybe 17-20 people. The regulars and resident fisherman were very nice to fish beside. Thanks for the medical gloves man made a difference in warmth.
  11. No Time

    No Time Guest

    This place is fun if the crowd you are fishing with are cool and know how to fish. Got my 4 hens and even hooked into a coho, or a very bright chum! <P><font size=1>Edited by Easy Limits on 11/25/2010.</font>
  12. happy

    happy Guest

    fished above the bridge for about an hour fish on about 10+ then went below bridge when tide went out down around bend near mouth fish were boiling up down everywhere...still some chromers lookin like silvers was a good day.. HAPPY daze...
  13. Fisher

    Fisher Guest

    Fished minter today, caught and released about ten fish. All taken on a small green corky. to many snaggers tho, guys using sturgeon rods with giant hooks. hopefully fish and game busts the poachers
  14. RvrFshrGod

    RvrFshrGod Guest

    Bunch of Snaggers there. Saw 1 guy using a big halibut rod with 3oz cannonball, WTF. He did snag one of the biggest chum right on the tail. He acted like it was no big deal and put the fish on his leather shoelaced stringer. I think he said his name was Jimpy. Keep a look out for him.
  15. tacfisher

    tacfisher Guest

    We fished minter above the kiddie hole on friday.Son used amy fly rod and i drifted.We had a good time till the snaggers showed up about low tied.watched them and laughed for a bit then got to discusted and left.Fished next to some GI`s so I was happy to let them have my spot.Thanks for your sacrifices guys.Keep your heads down and kepp fishing.
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